Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Calendar - 2005/2006
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Graduate Studies - History and Structure

Graduate studies at WLU began in 1964 with the initiation of Master of Arts programs in geography and in romance languages. In 1966, the first students were admitted to a Master of Social Work program and to an MA program in psychology. Subsequently, MA programs were initiated in history (1968), political science (1970), religion and culture (1970), economics (1992) and English (1993). The MES program was initiated in 1992 and the MMT program in 2002. MSc programs were initiated in psychology (2002), mathematics (2005) and kinesiology (2006). In 1976, the School of Business and Economics began to offer an MBA program, and in 1987 the first doctoral program at WLU was initiated by the Faculty of Social Work, followed by a PhD program in geography (1992), in history (1995), in philosophy (2000), in English (2001), in psychology (2003), in religious studies (2004) and in management (2005). The first program at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary began in 1970, and in 1994 a DMin program was initiated.

Degree Programs

The following graduate programs are currently offered at Laurier: 

  • Master of Arts (MA) in economics, English, geography, history, political science, psychology, religion and culture
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Environmental Studies in Geography (MES)
  • Master of Music Therapy (MMT)
  • Master of Science in Kinesiology (MSc)
  • Master of Science in Mathematics (MSc)
  • Master of Science in Psychology (MSc)
  • Master of Social Work (MSW)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in English (PhD)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in geography (PhD)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in history (PhD)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in management (PhD)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in philosophy (PhD)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in psychology (PhD)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in religious studies (PhD)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in social work (PhD)

Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, a federated seminary of Wilfrid Laurier University, offers through the university the following programs:

  • Diploma in Theology
  • Diploma in Spirituality in a Health Care Setting
  • Master of Divinity (MDiv)
  • Master of Theological Studies (MTS)
  • Master of Theology (MTh) in: pastoral counselling, Christian ethics, homiletics
  • Master of Divinity/Master of Theological Studies - Master of Social Work (MDiv-MSW or MTS-MSW)
  • Doctor of Ministry (DMin) in pastoral counselling and marriage and family studies