Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Calendar - 2008/2009
Canadian Excellence

Student Responsibilities

In order to receive a graduate degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, students must meet:

  • all requirements of the department, school, faculty or seminary in which they are registered;
  • all regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies;
  • all financial obligations to the university.

Students are responsible for understanding and adhering to the regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Students should read the Graduate Calendar each year in order to understand and comply with all regulations pertaining to registration, the adding and dropping of courses, residence requirements, degree program requirements, the deadlines for the completion of course work, and the deadlines and procedures for thesis and comprehensive examinations. Students should read and pay special attention to all the statements, guidelines and policies in the Graduate Calendar pertaining to academic and research misconduct, ethics in research, conflict of interest, the student code of conduct and discipline, integrity in the conduct of research, the style guide and equity in communications, the use of information technologyharassment and discrimination, and the creation and ownership of intellectual property. To ensure that students receive accurate and official interpretations of regulations, or information about program requirements, all questions should be addressed to the graduate officer/program director/program co-ordinator in the home department, school or faculty. In addition to the general rules of the university, some academic units may have additional requirements or rules that must be fulfilled. The dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies must approve, in writing, any exceptions to a regulation.

Students have a responsibility to maintain regular contact (i.e., at least monthly at the dissertation/research project/thesis stage) with their faculty advisor or dissertation/thesis advvisor.

All raw data collected for any dissertation/thesis/research project must be made available for evaluation at the request of the advisor of the research project.

If students have questions, concerns or problems, the normal channel of communication is to discuss the matter with the course instructor or the advisor. If further assistance is needed, the matter should be discussed with the graduate officer/program director/program co-ordinator and/or the chairperson or dean of the academic unit. Finally, the problem or concern can be addressed to the dean or associate dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The ultimate levels of appeal are the Graduate Student Appeals Committee and the Senate Student Appeals Committee. Complete information regarding eligible appeals and procedures may be obtained from the university Graduate Studies Office.