Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Calendar - 2008/2009
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Graduate Faculty Status

The training of future scholars and professional leaders in graduate programs enhances the intellectual vitality and reputation of a university. To offer a quality graduate program, the faculty-individually and as a group--must be active scholars in their discipline or profession. 

Graduate programs nominate individuals to the University’s Graduate Faculty in one of the three categories: regular graduate faculty, associated graduate faculty, or special graduate faculty. The nomination, including an up-to-date curriculum vita, should be forwarded to the Office of Graduate Studies. If there are concerns or questions about the categories, these should be forwarded to the Dean of Graduate Studies. Decisions regarding appointments will be made by the Dean and a subcommittee of Graduate Faculty Council.

Graduate Faculty status is required to:

  • serve as an advisor or regular member of a graduate advisory or examination committee;
  • teach a graduate course;
  • serve as a member of Graduate Faculty Council (ex-officio members excluded);
  • serve as a Graduate Officer/Program Director or equivalent position
The policy on graduate faculty status is available on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.

A current list of members of the graduate faculty is available in the university Graduate Studies Office and/or from a graduate officer/program director/program co-ordinator.