Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Calendar - 2008/2009
Canadian Excellence

The Faculty of Graduate Studies

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is administered by a dean who serves as chairperson of the Graduate Faculty Council. This council has five standing committees: the Graduate Admissions Committee, the Graduate Awards Committee; the Graduate Student Appeals Committee, the NSERC Graduate Scholarship Selection Committee; and the SSHRC Graduate Scholarship Selection Committee.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies administers the policies of the Senate as they pertain to graduate studies. The Graduate Faculty Council is responsible for establishing the policies of the faculty as recommended to it by the departments in the faculties of Arts, Music, Science, Social Work, by the School of Business and Economics, and by Waterloo Lutheran Seminary. The administration of all policies and procedures within the Faculty of Graduate Studies and of all matters pertaining to admission, programs of study, and comprehensive, thesis and dissertation examinations, is the responsibility of the university Graduate Studies Office.