Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Calendar - 2007/2008
Canadian Excellence

Submission of Approved Master's Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation for Binding

When the master's thesis or doctoral dissertation has been accepted by the supervisor, the candidate must submit four unbound copies to the Graduate Studies Office for approval and forwarding to the university library. Of these four copies, one unbound copy will be sent for inclusion to the Canadian Thesis on Microfiche Service at the National Library, Ottawa. The remaining three copies of the thesis or dissertation are bound by the library and distributed as follows: one for the candidate, one for the candidate's department, and one for the supervisor. The copy returned by the National Library after microfiching is bound and becomes the WLU library copy.

The Graduate Studies Office (or university library) will forward an abstract of the doctoral dissertation (maximum 350 words) to the publishers of Dissertation Abstracts International. The abstract, which must be prepared by the doctoral candidate and approved by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, will be published in Dissertation Abstracts International. It will be available in microfilm form through the National Library of Canada. The publisher's fee for this service will be collected from the author of the dissertation.

Theses become the property of Wilfrid Laurier University. The candidate gives the university the right to reproduce the thesis in whole or in part in any form. Candidates, however, retain the right to publish their theses. All copies made under the authority of the university's "Partial Copyright Licence" shall bear a statement to the effect that the copy in question "is being made available in this form by authority of the copyright owner solely for the purpose of private study and research and may not be copied or reproduced except as permitted by the copyright laws without written authority from the copyright owner." The four copies of the Partial Copyright Licence which the student signs are bound with the thesis. The title page of the thesis must include the Universal Copyright Notice©.