Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Calendar - 2006/2007
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The petitions committees of the respective graduate degree programs (i.e., the Petitions Committee for MA/MES/MSc/PhD students; the Petitions Committee for MBA students; the MMT Curriculum and Petitions Committee; the MSW Curriculum and Petitions Committee; the PhD in Social Work Committee for PhD students; and the Petitions Committee for Diploma, MDiv, MTh, MTS and DMin students) function as the first level of appeal. The second level of appeal is the Petitions Committee of the Graduate Faculty Council, which will consider petitions only if new evidence which was not available at the first level becomes available or, if an error in process occurred at the first level of appeal (i.e., at the program level). The Senate Student Appeals Committee functions as the highest level of appeal (see the Senate Student Appeals Committee Procedures for Considering Student Appeals). Graduate students may petition for exemption from academic policies and/or decisions in exceptional circumstances by submitting a formal request to the appropriate petitions committee. A student's status will remain unchanged while an appeal is pending.

For all students wishing to petition, the following deadlines will apply.

  • Students wishing to appeal an academic decision must do so within five weeks of the issuing of such a decision.
  • Students wishing to seek any kind of program extension must submit their request at least three weeks prior to the date when the work is due.
  • Doctoral students wishing to seek extensions of their dissertation deadline must initiate their requests at least three months prior to the expiry of the candidacy period.