Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Calendar - 2006/2007
Canadian Excellence

Completion of Course Work

All course work must be completed by the last day of classes. Under exceptional circumstances an extension may be granted for the completion of course work. MA/MES/MMT/MSc/PhD, MSW and MBA students requesting an extension must complete the Request for Extension to Complete Course Work form by the first day of classes in the following term.

Under exceptional circumstances, if the assigned course work is not completed by the end of the term, an interim designation of "Incomplete" may be submitted by the course instructor in lieu of a final grade. This designation may be assigned only in a manner consistent with departmental policy. When such a designation is assigned, the student remains responsible for completing the work and if a passing grade is not reported by the date specified by the department (maximum one term), the Incomplete will automatically convert to an F grade.