Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Calendar - 2006/2007
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Inactive Status

Students may petition for either one or two terms of inactive status at a time when circumstances prevent them from working on either their course work or their thesis. Students will not normally be granted more than two terms of inactive status during their master's or doctoral degree candidacy; however, a maximum of two additional terms of inactive status may be granted in extenuating circumstances such as illness, parental leave, or a career change.

Students who are granted inactive status will not be required to pay fees during that term; consequently, they will not have access to university facilities or faculty.

Terms spent on inactive status are not included in the calculation of the time to completion.

A petition for inactive status should indicate: i) the number of terms of inactive status requested; ii) the date of commencement of the first such term; and iii) the reason(s) why inactive status is required (including documentation if applicable). A form to petition for inactive status is available from the appropriate graduate office and on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.