Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Calendar - 2006/2007
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Ontario Visiting Graduate Student Plan

The Ontario Visiting Graduate Student Plan allows a registered graduate student of an Ontario university (home university) to take graduate courses at another Ontario university (host university) while remaining registered at the home university. The students pay fees to their home university and are classified as "visiting graduate students'' at the host university where they pay no fees. Visiting students are still eligible for awards at their home university.

The student completes a visiting graduate student form which must be obtained from the graduate office of the home university. On this form the student must indicate the course(s) to be taken and the term when the course is offered at the host university. Admission is not complete until the form has been approved by the department chairperson and graduate dean of both the home university and the host university.

The course(s) selected must be at the graduate level and must be required for the student's degree program, and not be available at the home university. Such courses may not be "extra" or "audit" courses. The student is subject to any regulations of the home university (e.g., the maximum number of courses which may be taken at another Ontario university). Specifically, part-time students are not eligible to take courses under this plan. Normally, a student registered at Laurier will be allowed to register for one full-credit course or two half-credit courses under this plan.

If students withdraw from the course at the host university they must notify the home university by the deadline date for dropping courses stated in the host calendar. If the student does not do so, the course will be counted as a failure.