Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Calendar - 2006/2007
Canadian Excellence

Adding and Dropping Courses

Students wishing to add or drop courses must do so before the deadlines listed in the Graduate Calendar. Forms, which can be obtained from the office of the dean or director of the program in which the student is enrolled, must be completed by the student and authorized by the department chairperson, the instructor, and the dean of Graduate Studies (in the case of the Faculty of Social Work, the dean, Faculty of Social Work, and in the case of the MBA, the MBA program director).

Deadlines concerning adding or withdrawing from courses

A course must be added no later than 12 calendar days from the first day of classes. This regulation applies to spring term, fall term, winter term, and full-credit courses taken over the September - April academic year. The final dates for withdrawing from courses without penalty of failure are listed in the academic schedule section of this calendar. A grade of F will be assigned if a student withdraws after the final date.