Wilfrid Laurier University Part Time, Online and Continuing Studies Calendar - Spring/Summer 2010
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University 101

Strategies for Success -- "Because University is Different!"

What is University 101?

  • University 101 is a university preparatory course available to all students that is designed to assist students in making the transition between secondary and university education.
Why should I register for University 101?
  • Because university is different. The academic skills developed during secondary school are not enough to succeed in university. Students must transition and further develop their academic skills in order to succeed in university.
What academic transition issues do I face between secondary school and university?

Secondary School


Time Management
  • 35 hours in class
  • homework after school
  • time managed by others
  • 20 hours in lectures
  • tutorials, labs, and homework
  • time managed yourself
  • up to 80 pages per week
  • group reading
  • memorization and facts
  • up to 250 pages per week
  • individual reading
  • active reading and analysis
  • no preparation required
  • up to 35 students
  • passive listening
  • questions and answers
  • preparing for lectures required
  • up to 400 students
  • active listening
  • critical engagement
Note Taking
  • re-copy notes from overhead, slides, or black/white board
  • usually only notes from the classroom
  • responsible for determining the important points to record
  • responsible for synthesizing reading and lecture notes
  • study material provided
  • shorter period of time required
  • rote learning
  • study material must be created
  • long period of time required
  • active learning
Exams / Tests
  • focus on memorization and regurgitation of facts
  • some tests standardized
  • 1 hour
  • focus on critical analysis, understanding of concepts, application, and problem solving
  • 3 hours

How will University 101 prepare me for university?

  • Participants who complete University 101 will have an understanding of the learning process, will have developed academic and personal strategies for university success, and will have applied these strategies through activities and discussions. Learning outcomes include:
  • Goal Setting and Time Management
  • Learning Styles
  • Critical Thinking and Active Reading
  • Research and Writing
  • Active Listening and Note Taking
  • Test Taking
  • Communication Strategies
  • Personal Wellness
Do I have to attend Laurier to register for University 101?
  • No. University 101, its textbook, and its learning activities are institution-independent. All of the strategies and skills developed in this course are transferable to any learning environment including the work place.
I am not in Waterloo Region, can I still register for University 101?
  • Yes. University 101 is being offered both on-campus and through online learning. The learning outcomes for University 101 remain the same for both offerings.
How do I register for University 101?
  • Registration for University 101 began on May 1st, 2009 and will continue until July 28th, 2009.
I have additional questions, who can I contact?
  • For additional questions and answers please contact the course instructor: