Wilfrid Laurier University Part Time, Online and Continuing Studies Calendar - Spring/Summer 2010
Canadian Excellence

Laurier Association for Lifelong Learning (LALL)

LALL courses offer a unique option for adult learning. Courses are non-credit and are intended for personal interest and self-education.

This spring's line-up starts in mid-April and is tentatively scheduled to include the following at the Kitchener, Waterloo and Brantford campuses:

  • The Shakespeare Authorship Controversy: Will the Real Will Please Take a Bow? with Jack Pasternak
  • The History of Glass-Making with Willie Nassau
  • Reflections on Aging: Now through Film with Robert Alexander
  • Canada in the Second World War with Andrew Thomson, Mike Bechtold and Terry Copp
  • The Stravinsky-Schoenberg Controversy with Gordon Greene
  • Persecution and Toleration in Pre-modern Europe with Jason Sager
  • A Touch of Geology with Peter Russell
  • Evil and Its Symbols with Margaret Leask
  • Contemporary Issues and Challenges Facing East Africa with Ryan Snider
  • Turning the Other Cheek: Forgiveness in a Contemporary World with Judy Eaton (Brantford campus)
  • The Anatomy of an Election Campaign with Rob Leone (Brantford campus)
  • Coming to Terms with German History and Film with James Skidmore
  • Music: Strictly Classical! with Jan Narveson
  • Canada: What Europeans Don't Know with Al Hecht
  • In the Field: Psychological Perspectives on Policing and Crime with Camie Condon
  • We're Equal, Aren't We? The Struggle for Women's Equality in Canada with Helen Eaton-Ramirez
  • TBA with J.A. Sandy Irvine
  • TBA with Gary Draper
  • So, You're from a Family? with Deena Mandell (Kitchener campus) 

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