Wilfrid Laurier University Part Time, Online and Continuing Studies Calendar - Spring/Summer 2010
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PRISM - In 2000, full-time students in the School of Business & Economics approved a $65 per term student contribution program designed to improve the computer facilities for students in the school. Accounts will be adjusted for students who do not wish to contribute and who file for an adjustment through the PRISM Help Desk (P1030) in the School of Business & Economics by the end of the second week of the applicable term.


Additional registration fees are charged to those students who do not complete their registration by the date indicated.


Audit-course tuition fees are usually one-half of the regular course fee with a few exceptions which may be charged the full-course fee. Fees are not refundable.


Charges will be applied for all cheques returned to the university by the bank.


Music Accompaniment Fees are charged per course on a term basis. The amount charged is based on the type of accompaniment and the number of hours required for the course. Please contact the Faculty of Music for further information regarding these fees.


The Comprehensive Student Services Fee is charged to full-time students at the rate of $130 per term. All part-time students are charged $26 per half credit. This fee offsets approximately 50 percent of the cost of some general student services.


Students registering in distance educ-ation courses under the audit classification will be invoiced for all distance education charges as well as the appropriate tuition fee.


Senior citizens (60 years of age by start date of lectures) are exempt from tuition for all courses but will be invoiced for all distance education charges, incidental and/or miscellaneous fees where applicable.


Arts Students' Advancement Program (ASAP) This program was established in 2005 as a university and student-run service within the Faculty of Arts, with the objective of enhancing the educational experience and opportunities for students within the Arts faculty.


Copyright Agreement fee is charged to full- and part-time students at the rate of $0.33 per 0.5 credit, per term. This fee is the result of an agreement between Wilfrid Laurier University and the Canadian Reprography Collective to grant Laurier the right to reproduce copyright works for the purpose of education, research and higher learning.


The Student Health and Dental Plans are administered by the Student Union and are mandatory for all full-time and part-time undergraduate students enrolled in the fall term on campus, including co-op students on work term. An opt-out option is available to students who file the required form with proof of alternate coverage no later than the end of the second week of fall term. Further information is available by contacting the Health Plan Co-ordinator at Extension 3557 or www.wlusu.com