Wilfrid Laurier University Part Time, Online and Continuing Studies Calendar - Fall/Winter 2009-2010
Canadian Excellence

Curriculum Divisions

An asterisk following a course number denotes a full-credit (1.0) course.

A. Humanities

  • Arabic (AB)
  • Archaeology (except Div B AR courses) (AR)
  • Classical Studies (CL)
  • Communication Studies (CS)
  • Contemporary Studies: CT121, CT202, CT203, CT220, CT226, CT260, CT321, CT325, CT326
  • Cultural Studies (KS)
  • English (EN)
  • Film Studies (FS)
  • History and Philosophy of Science (HP)
  • Kinesiology and Physical Education: KP216, KP241 (KP)
  • Languages and Literatures (LL, FR, GM, GR, IT, LA, SP)
  • Medieval Studies (ML)
  • Mediterranean Studies (MI)
  • Music (MU)
  • Near Eastern Studies (NE)
  • Philosophy (PP)
  • Religion and Culture (RE)
  • Women's Studies (WS)

B. Social Sciences

  • Anthropology (AN)
  • Archaeology: AR101, AR102, AR217, AR219*, AR220, AR244, AR246, AR313, AR336, AR341, AR360, AR405, AR452*, AR453, AR461, AR462 (AR)
  • Communication Studies (CS)
  • Contemporary Studies (except Div A CT courses)
  • Cultural Studies (KS)
  • Economics (EC)
  • Environmental Studies (ES)
  • Geography (except Physical Geography) (GG)
  • Global Studies (GS)
  • History (HI)
  • History and Philosophy of Science (HP)
  • Kinesiology and Physical Education: KP121, KP200, KP210, KP211, KP231, KP232, KP242, KP261, KP262, KP341, KP410, KP411, KP412, KP413, KP420, KP431, KP441, KP442, KP443, KP462 (KP)
  • North American Studies (NO)
  • Political Science (PO)
  • Psychology (except Division C Psychology courses) (PS)
  • Social Welfare (SL)
  • Sociology (SY)
  • Urban Studies (US)
  • Women's Studies (WS)

C. Sciences

  • Astronomy (AS)
  • Biology (BI)
  • Chemistry (CH)
  • Computer Science (CP)
  • Geography: Physical Geography courses and GG101 (GG)
  • Geology (GL)
  • Health Sciences (HE)
  • Health Studies: HS101
  • Kinesiology and Physical Education: KP122, KP201, KP220, KP223, KP321, KP322, KP323, KP324, KP332, KP351, KP361, KP371, KP421, KP422, KP423, KP424, KP434, KP451, KP461, KP463, KP464, KP465, KP471 (KP)
  • Mathematics (MA)
  • Physics (PC)
  • Psychology: PS260, PS261, PS262, PS263, PS264, PS360, PS361, PS362, PS363, PS366, PS460, PS461, PS462, PS463, PS465 (PS)