Wilfrid Laurier University Part Time, Online and Continuing Studies Calendar - Fall/Winter 2006/2007
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Course Listings

Course Offerings
DepartmentCourse #TitleCredits
Anthropology AN101 Sociocultural Anthropology 0.50
  AN102 Physical Anthropology and Human Prehistory 0.50
  AN200 Key Concepts in Social and Cultural Anthropology 0.50
  AN224 Anthropology of the Lifecourse 0.50
  AN236 Caribbean Cultures 0.50
  AN241 Historical Archaeology of North America 1500-1900 0.50
  AN242 Current Issues in Historical Archaeology 0.50
  AN307 Special Topics in Anthropology 0.50
  AN319 Rites of Passage 0.50
  AN324 Symbolic Systems and Ideologies 0.50
  AN332 The Anthropology of Mass Media in a Globalized World 0.50
  AN333 Human Rights 0.50
  AN340 The Social Anthropology of India 0.50
Archaeology AR101 Archaeology: An Introduction 0.50
  AR102 Archaeology: Methods, Theory and Practice 0.50
  AR214 Greek Art and Archaeology 0.50
  AR215 Roman Art and Archaeology 0.50
  AR241 Historical Archaeology of North America 1500-1900 0.50
  AR242 Current Issues in Historical Archaeology 0.50
  AR245 Archaeology and the Scientific Disciplines 1.00
  AR346 Archaeology of Ancient Palestine 0.50
  AR347 Archaeology of Syria and Jordan 0.50
Biology BI264 Plant Anatomy I 0.50
  BI267 Plant Anatomy II 0.50
Business BU111 Introduction to Business Organization 0.50
  BU121 Functional Areas of the Organization 0.50
  BU205 Introduction to Applied Statistics 0.50
  BU208 Interpersonal Communication 0.50
  BU227 Introduction to Financial Accounting 0.50
  BU231 Business Law 0.50
  BU233 Personal Finance 0.50
  BU247 Managerial Accounting 0.50
  BU288 Organizational Behaviour I 0.50
  BU311 Business Management 0.50
  BU352 Introduction to Marketing Management 0.50
  BU354 Human Resources Management 0.50
  BU357 Taxation 0.50
  BU362 Building and Managing Products, Services and Brands 0.50
  BU383 Financial Management I 0.50
  BU385 Operations Management I 0.50
  BU387 Intermediate Accounting I 0.50
  BU393 Financial Management II 0.50
  BU397 Intermediate Accounting II 0.50
  BU398 Organizational Behaviour II 0.50
  BU413 Personal Financial Planning and Management 0.50
  BU415 Introduction to Management Information Systems 0.50
  BU417 Financial Statement Analysis 0.50
  BU418 Strategic Human Resources Planning 0.50
  BU419 Property and Liability Insurance Management 0.50
  BU422 Marketing Research 0.50
  BU423 Options, Futures and Swaps 0.50
  BU427 Accounting Theory and Advanced Financial Reporting 0.50
  BU429 Capital Market Issues in Property and Liability Insurance 0.50
  BU432 Consumer Behaviour 0.50
  BU433 Management of Financial Institutions 0.50
  BU440 New Venture Creation 0.50
  BU443 International Financial Management 0.50
  BU447 Advanced Auditing 0.50
  BU451 The Legal Environment of Business in Canada 0.50
  BU456 Computer Auditing and Control 0.50
  BU457 Financial Accounting Theory 0.50
  BU461 Seminar in Business Policy 0.50
  BU464 Labour Relations 0.50
  BU466 Advanced Taxation 0.50
  BU467 Advanced Management Accounting 0.50
  BU468 Organizational Change and Development 0.50
  BU473 Investment Management 0.50
  BU474 Training and Development 0.50
  BU476 Accounting Information Systems 0.50
  BU477 Auditing 0.50
  BU481 Business Policy I 0.50
  BU482 Sales Management 0.50
  BU483 Life and Health Insurance 0.50
  BU487 Advanced Accounting 0.50
  BU491 Business Policy II 0.50
  BU493 Seminar in Finance 0.50
  BU498 Seminar in Organizational Behaviour 0.50
Canadian Studies CA201 Québec Contexts 0.50
  CA252 Women in Canada 0.50
Children's Education & Development CO243 Mathematics and Teaching I 0.50
  CO244 Mathematics and Teaching II 0.50
  CO326 Children, Toys and Media 0.50
  CO333 Children's Education & Development Practicum 0.50
Classical Studies CL101 The Greek World 0.50
  CL102 Roman Civilization 0.50
  CL214 Greek Art and Archaeology 0.50
  CL215 Roman Art and Archaeology 0.50
  CL259 Ancient Philosophy II 0.50
  CL318 Seminar in Roman History 0.50
Communication Studies CS100 Introduction to Media History 0.50
  CS200 Human Communication Processes 0.50
  CS201 Reasoning and Argumentation 0.50
  CS202 Nonverbal Communication 0.50
  CS207 Media and Society 0.50
  CS208 Graphic Design and Print Media 0.50
  CS210 Television: Technology and Modern Media 0.50
  CS212 Language, Communication and Culture 0.50
  CS235 Communication Research Methods 0.50
  CS251 Introduction to Visual Culture 0.50
  CS305 Cultural Studies 0.50
  CS308 Sociology of Mass Communication 0.50
  CS310 The Anthropology of Mass Media in a Globalized World 0.50
  CS312 Image, Sound, Text 0.50
  CS322 Gender, Communication and Culture 0.50
  CS323 Media and Communication Ethics 0.50
  CS333 Alternative Media 0.50
  CS341 Advertising as Communication 0.50
  CS350 Political Economy of Communication and Culture 0.50
Contemporary Studies CT121 The World in the 21st Century 0.50
  CT122 Social and Political Thought 0.50
  CT203 Health and Disease from Eden to the ER 0.50
  CT221 Applied Scientific Reasoning 0.50
  CT222 Navigating the Information Environment 0.50
  CT223 Crime in Context 0.50
  CT225 The Individual in the Community 0.50
  CT226 The Media in a Global World 0.50
  CT243 Mathematics and Teaching I 0.50
  CT260 Human Rights 0.50
  CT315 Evaluation Research 0.50
  CT321 Representation and its Realities 0.50
  CT324 Other World Views 0.50
  CT325 Popular Culture 0.50
  CT326 Children, Toys and Media 0.50
  CT329 Disasters and Public Health 0.50
  CT398 The Culture of the Book: An Introduction to Book History 0.50
  CT400 Contemporary Topics 0.50
Criminology CC101 Social Justice and the Law 0.50
  CC201 Criminology and Contemporary Issues 0.50
  CC203 Women, Law and Crime 0.50
  CC221 Applied Scientific Reasoning 0.50
  CC223 Crime in Context 0.50
  CC233 Social Science Research Methods I 0.50
  CC302 Crime and the Justice System 0.50
  CC303 Victimology 0.50
  CC315 Evaluation Research 0.50
  CC402 Jurisprudence 0.50
  CC405 Special Topics in Criminology 0.50
Cultural Studies KS205 Cartoons and Comics 0.50
Economics EC120 Introduction to Microeconomics 0.50
  EC140 Introduction to Macroeconomics 0.50
  EC205 Introduction to Applied Statistics 0.50
  EC218 Natural Resource Economics 0.50
  EC235 Applied Statistics for Economics 0.50
  EC238 Environmental Economics 0.50
  EC303 Economic Evaluation in the Public Sector 0.50
  EC315 Forecasting Methods 0.50
  EC335 Economics of Management and Strategy 0.50
  EC345 Mathematical Economics 0.50
English EN120 Reading Poetry 0.50
  EN122 Survey of Major British Authors 1.00
  EN201 Children's Literature 0.50
  EN204 Strategies in Analysis of Effective Writing 0.50
  EN220 Reading Culture: Strategies and Approaches 0.50
  EN226 Women in Fiction 0.50
  EN229 Canadian English 0.50
  EN231 Arthurian Traditions 0.50
  EN234 Shakespeare's Tragedies and History Plays 0.50
  EN280 Indigenous Writers in English 0.50
  EN302 Media Theory 0.50
  EN310 The Politics of Transgression and Desire 0.50
  EN371 Creative Writing: Short Story 0.50
  EN388 Restoration and 18th-Century Literature 0.50
  EN392 Writers of the Middle Ages 0.50
  EN393 Literature of the 16th Century 0.50
Environmental Studies ES290 Global Resource and Environmental Issues 0.50
  ES391 Wildlife and Rural Land Resources Management 0.50
Film Studies FS251 Film Comedy 0.50
  FS345 Film Theory and Mass Media 0.50
Fine Arts FI105 Colour 1.00
  FI106 Mark and Image 1.00
  FI234 Drawing 1.00
  FI235 Painting 1.00
  FI239 Three-Dimensional Design and Sculpture 1.00
  FI314 French Impressionism: Light on Modern Life 0.50
  FI336 Progressive Studio 1.00
French FR101 Introductory French I 0.50
  FR102 Introductory French II 0.50
  FR230 Practical French I 0.50
  FR231 Practical French II 0.50
  FR330 Advanced Translation I 0.50
  FR331 Advanced Translation II 0.50
  FR335 Contemporary Literature: Individual and Society 0.50
  FR336 Myth and Alienation in French-Canadian Literature Prior to 1960 0.50
  FR460 Atelier in Oral Expression through Drama 0.50
  FR480 Innovations in French Cinema 0.50
Geography GG101 Introduction to Physical Geography 0.50
  GG102 Introduction to Human Geography 0.50
  GG250 Canada 0.50
  GG256 Selected Ontario Regions 0.50
  GG270 Cultural/Historical Geography 0.50
  GG271 Temporal Perspectives on the City 0.50
  GG290 Global Resource and Environmental Issues 0.50
  GG350 Canadian Issues 0.50
  GG354 The Canadian North 0.50
  GG391 Wildlife and Rural Land Resources Management 0.50
Geology GL100 Introduction to Physical and Environmental Geology 1.00
German GM110 Introductory German I 0.50
  GM314 German Cultural Studies 0.50
Global Studies GS101 Introduction to Global Studies 0.50
  GS102 Global Studies: A Case Study 0.50
  GS305 The Individualized World 0.50
  GS319 Rites of Passage 0.50
  GS323 Global Migrations, Refugees and Diasporas 0.50
  GS327 Tourists, Tourism and the Globe 0.50
  GS329 The Making of the Third World: Historical Origins and Development 1.00
  GS340 Special Topics in Global Studies 0.50
  GS349 History of International Relations, 1890-1991 0.50
Hebrew HB202 Ancient Semitic Texts and Inscriptions 0.50
History HI106 The Western Tradition in World History 1.00
  HI211 German History, 1870-1990 0.50
  HI220 History of French Canada 1.00
  HI247 History of the Second World War 1.00
  HI248 The Second World War 0.50
  HI249 The Impact of the Second World War, 1939-1948 0.50
  HI260 History on Film 0.50
  HI324 English Government and Society, 1558-1660 0.50
  HI329 The Making of the Third World: Historical Origins and Development 1.00
  HI339 History of Ontario since 1791 0.50
  HI341 Canadian Military History 0.50
  HI344 Native Peoples of Eastern Canada 0.50
  HI346 Directed Studies 0.50
  HI347 Topics in Military History 0.50
  HI349 History of International Relations, 1890-1991 0.50
  HI357 The First World War: The Military Fronts 0.50
  HI358 World War I: The Home Fronts 0.50
  HI372 Colonial and U.S. Women, 1607-1869 0.50
  HI374 Jews, ‘Witches’ & Heretics: Persecution & Toleration in pre-Modern Europe c. 1050-1700 0.50
History and Philosophy of Science HP201 Revolution in Western Science, from Aristotle to the Enlightenment 0.50
Human Rights & Human Diversity HR260 Introduction to Human Rights 0.50
Indigenous Studies ID280 Indigenous Writers in English 0.50
Journalism JN222 Navigating the Information Environment 0.50
  JN226 The Media in a Global World 0.50
  JN227 Social Documentary 0.50
  JN228 Photojournalism: The Captured Image 0.50
  JN250 Introductory Skills: Print Journalism 0.50
  JN251 Introductory Skills: Broadcast Journalism 0.50
Latin LA364 Roman Oratory and Rhetoric 0.50
Mathematics MA122 Introductory Linear Algebra 0.50
Mediterranean Studies MI201 Mediterranean Culture and Civilization I 0.50
  MI202 Mediterranean Culture and Civilization II 0.50
Music Courses: Non-Music Majors MU122 Music Appreciation: Baroque and Classical 0.50
  MU224 Music of the 19th and 20th Centuries 0.50
Organizational Leadership OL233 Social Science Research Methods I 0.50
  OL250 The Legal Context of Organizations 0.50
  OL300 Ethics and Organizational Responsibility 0.50
  OL315 Evaluation Research 0.50
  OL334 Social Science Research Methods II 0.50
  OL340 Leadership, Organizational Culture and Change 0.50
  OL480 Project Management Practicum 1.00
Philosophy PY110 Values and Society 0.50
  PY111 Knowledge and Reality 0.50
  PY201 Reasoning and Argumentation 0.50
  PY209 Philosophy of Religion- NEW! 0.50
  PY218 Existentialism 0.50
  PY223 Contemporary Moral Issues 0.50
  PY224 Philosophy and the Environment 0.50
  PY225 Theories of Knowledge 0.50
  PY230 The Quest for World Peace 0.50
  PY233 Philosophy of Sex, Love and Friendship 0.50
  PY239 Explorations of the Self 0.50
  PY240 Special Topics 0.50
  PY247 Business Ethics 0.50
  PY259 Ancient Philosophy II 0.50
  PY263 Modern Philosophy II 0.50
Political Science PO110 Introduction to Modern Politics: The State 0.50
  PO111 Introduction to Modern Politics: Structures and Processes of Government 0.50
  PO201 Québec Contexts 0.50
  PO204 Politics and Economics 0.50
  PO225 Government and Politics in the United States I 0.50
  PO226 Government and Politics in the United States II 0.50
  PO227 Politics in Developing Countries I 0.50
  PO228 Politics in Developing Countries II 0.50
  PO231 Introduction to World Politics I 0.50
  PO240 Public Opinion and Political Attitudes 0.50
  PO310 Special Topics I 0.50
  PO312 The Urban Political Process 0.50
  PO317 Politics in Ontario 0.50
  PO319 African Politics 0.50
  PO333 International Law 0.50
  PO334 Foreign Policy Analysis 0.50
  PO335 Selected Themes in Political Thought 0.50
  PO336 Contemporary Political Mass Movements and Ideologies 0.50
  PO342 Constitutional Law I 0.50
  PO343 Constitutional Law II 0.50
Psychology PS100 Introduction to Psychology 1.00
  PS222 Behaviour Modification 0.50
  PS260 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology 0.50
  PS261 Introduction to Learning 0.50
  PS262 Sensory Processes and Perception 0.50
  PS263 Biopsychology 0.50
  PS264 Motivation and Emotion 0.50
  PS270 Social Psychology 0.50
  PS272 Group Processes 0.50
  PS275 Developmental Psychology I: Infancy and Childhood 0.50
  PS276 Developmental Psychology II: Adolescence and Young Adulthood 0.50
  PS277 Developmental Psychology III: Adults and Elders 0.50
  PS280 Abnormal Psychology 0.50
  PS284 Industrial and Organizational Psychology 0.50
  PS291 Introduction to Research Methods 0.50
  PS292 Introduction to Statistics 0.50
  PS379 Psychology of Exceptional Children, Youth and Adults 0.50
Religion & Culture RE103 Love and Its Myths- NEW! 0.50
  RE104 Evil and Its Symbols 0.50
  RE209 Philosophy of Religion- NEW! 0.50
  RE212 World Religions in Cultural Perspective 1.00
  RE214 Bahá'í­ Religion in Its Cultural Settings 0.50
  RE216 Christianity and Modern Culture 0.50
  RE220 Religion and Popular Culture 0.50
  RE227 Religions and Cultures of the Middle East 0.50
  RE235 Comparative Religious Ethics 0.50
  RE246 Ritual and the Arts in South Asian Religions 0.50
  RE250 Asian Religions: Origins and Development of Buddhism 0.50
  RE265 Cults, Sects and New Religious Movements 0.50
  RE298 Zen Meditation, Zen Art 0.50
  RE300 Readings in Religious Studies 0.50
  RE304 Judaism in the Modern World 0.50
  RE311 Sociology of Religion 1.00
  RE313 Grief, Death and Dying 0.50
  RE319 Rites of Passage 0.50
  RE333 Food and Religion 0.50
  RE335 Jesus of Nazareth 0.50
  RE337 Asian Spiritual Disciplines 0.50
  RE348 Psychology and Religion 0.50
  RE366 Religion and Violence 0.50
  RE449 Special Topics in Religion and Culture 0.50
Social Welfare SL100 Introduction to Social Welfare 1.00
Sociology SY101 Introduction to Sociology 0.50
  SY102 Critical Analysis of Social Issues 0.50
  SY201 Sociology of Families 1.00
  SY203 Sociological Theory 1.00
  SY204 Social Inequality 1.00
  SY224 Sociology of Work 0.50
  SY231 Sociology of Suicide 0.50
  SY233 Sociology of Women 1.00
  SY241 Sociology of Crime: Structural Perspectives 0.50
  SY242 Sociology of Crime: Interpretive Perspectives 0.50
  SY280 Research Methods I 0.50
  SY281 Research Methods II 0.50
  SY303 Sociology of Youth 0.50
  SY305 Sociology and Cultural Forms 0.50
  SY307 Political Sociology 0.50
  SY308 Sociology of Mass Communication 0.50
  SY311 Sociology of Religion 1.00
  SY318 Sociology of Deviance 1.00
  SY321 Sociology of Medicine 0.50
  SY322 Sociology of Health and Illness 0.50
  SY323 Sociology of Health, Illness and Medicine 1.00
  SY332 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity 0.50
  SY333 Human Rights 0.50
  SY334 Sociology of Gender 0.50
  SY383 Advanced Social Statistics 0.50
  SY388 Interpretive Theory in Sociology 0.50
  SY402 Contemporary Issues in Social Theory 0.50
  SY405 Poverty 0.50
  SY406 Environmental Sociology 0.50
  SY408 The Sociology of Sexualities 0.50
  SY409 The Sociology of Men and Masculinities 0.50
  SY414 Social Movements 0.50
  SY417 Dimensions of Social Inequality in Canada 0.50
  SY452 Advanced Special Topics 0.50
Spanish SP101 Introduction to Spanish I 0.50
  SP102 Introduction to Spanish II 0.50
  SP328 Theatre of the Spanish Exile 0.50
  SP332 Poetry and Popular Music in Latin America and Spain 0.50
  SP438 Special Topics 0.50
Women's Studies WS100 Introduction to Women's Studies 0.50
  WS201 Women and Identity 0.50
  WS202 Women in Canada 0.50
  WS203 Girls, Women and Popular Culture 0.50
  WS207 Indigenous Women 0.50
  WS304 Gender, Race and Transnationalism 0.50
  WS306 Women and Social Justice 0.50