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Tuition Tax Receipts

T2202A Tax Receipts for 2005 are available online only.

WLU students can view and print their T2202A Tuition and Education Amounts Certificate tax receipt from LORIS. This is the government approved form, which shows your eligible tuition and education credits for the taxation year.

For faster and more efficient processing the university has discontinued the automatic mailing of information regarding tuition and education amounts that can be claimed for income tax purposes. You are not required to submit printed confirmation of these amounts with your income tax return, unless specifically requested by the Canada Revenue Agency. Please note, for more information on processing your income tax return, refer to the Canada Revenue Agency Student Guidelines.
For your convenience, T2202A Tuition and Education Amounts tax receipts for 2002-2005 are available to students online on the LORIS system to view and print.  To obtain your tax receipt for 2002-2005, log into the "Secure Area" in LORIS, and under "Student Services" the T2202A Tax form can be viewed or printed in the "Canadian Tax Forms" section. Please note, you must choose the "Print" option if you would like an official printout of your tax form for submitting with your tax return.  The Business Office can print or reprint T2202A tax forms, however there is a $10.00 charge for each copy requested. T2202A forms for 2002-2004 can be viewed and printed on LORIS for free.
Please note that other tax forms such as T4A's for any scholarships or bursaries, or T4's for any income earned at Wilfrid Laurier University will be mailed before the end of February each year.