Wilfrid Laurier University Part Time, Online and Continuing Studies Calendar - Fall/Winter 2006/2007
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Degree Credit Courses General Information

Certificates in the Faculty of Arts or Faculty of Science

If you have completed five (5.0) full-credit courses (or equivalent) as a part-time student registered in the Faculty of Arts or Faculty of Science, you may apply for the Arts I Certificate. The completion of 10.0 full-credit courses allows you to apply for an Arts II Certificate. All courses recognized for credit toward a certificate will also be considered as credits toward a General BA degree. One Business credit may be counted toward the Arts I Certificate and two Business credits may be counted toward the Arts II Certificate. An overall GPA of at least 4.0 (C-) must be achieved on these certificate courses. Contact the Office of the Registrar for more information, (519) 884-0710 ext. 6479.

If you have received another certificate or diploma from the university, you will not be eligible for certificates in the Faculty of Arts or Faculty of Science.

Areas of Study at Laurier

Effective September 2005, general degrees without a major will be available to students.
Effective September 2007, the university will offer only three general degrees: a BA, a BSC and a BA in Contemporary Studies (available online on the Brantford Campus).
No further designation (major, option or minor) is awarded with these degrees. Minimum progression and graduation requirements for these general programs are effective September 2005.

Students admitted prior to September 2007, who have not allowed an 18-month lapse in course registration and are in good standing in their program/major, may follow the progression regulations that were in effect at the time of their registration in a general major.

General or Honours BA Program

If you are able to attend lectures during the day on the Laurier campus, it may be possible to obtain a general or honours degree on a part-time basis in a few selected disciplines. If you have an interest in a general or honours degree, it is recommended that you meet with the chair or undergraduate advisor of the appropriate department to review the requirements for the honours program after you have completed the first year of study. Special conditions may be required, such as off-campus placements or field camps.

It is also possible to complete a General BA through distance education in the following disciplines:

Assignments and Tests

Normally, work such as assignments or tests, due in the last week of classes will be made known to a class at the beginning of the term. In no case, after the first half of the term, shall the assignment of such work first be made known to a class. To ensure that the workload of students is not unreasonable in the last week of classes, the university sets the following limits for the final week of regularly scheduled classes of each term:

  1. Assignments, projects, presentations and other evaluated work, to a maximum worth of 50 percent of the total marks available in the course, may be due for submission or presentation during the last week;
  2. In a course or section with a final examination scheduled in the examination period, an in-class test or examination worth no more than 20 percent of the total marks available in the course may be administered during the last week of classes; 
  3. In a course or section that does not have a final examination scheduled in the examination period, no tests or examinations may be administered during the last week of classes, excepting only small quizzes and the like, worth no more than 10 percent, that are part of a weekly or biweekly series of such items.

Final Examinations

Examinations are randomly scheduled and students registered in evening sections may be required to write final examinations during the day. Please do not make vacation plans until your examination schedule has been released. Students are required to be available for examinations during the examination periods of all terms in which they register. Students who register in courses from more than one academic term are responsible for any examination conflicts generated by their actions.

Academic Regulations

The academic regulations include the requirements which must be fulfilled in order to graduate with a given degree or diploma, as well as any general rules that structure the academic experience of the student. Such rules pertain to standards and procedures used in determining academic standing and progression, to methods of evaluation, registration in courses and overall conduct of the student. For non-degree students, the academic regulations for the general programs will apply, except where additional requirements are specified. The academic regulations governing a student's program shall be those in effect at the time of initial registration at Wilfrid Laurier University, except when academic regulations are changed prior to the completion of the academic program. In this case, the student may choose to have the new set of regulations apply. If the student is not registered in any Wilfrid Laurier University course for a period of 18 or more consecutive months, the academic regulations in effect at the time of re-entry to the academic program shall apply.