Wilfrid Laurier University Part Time, Online and Continuing Studies Calendar - Fall/Winter 2006/2007
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Distance Education @ Laurier Requires Web Access

All distance education courses are administered online and require reliable Web access. The amount of time required online will vary with each course. Some courses, for example, require students to log on periodically, others daily.

Distance education courses are administered using WebCT. Login guidelines are included in your Distance Education kit and are available from the WebCT login page under the student resources link.

All course correspondence (e.g., notices from the Distance Education Office, course updates from your instructor) will take place using the WebCT communication tools. Students are responsible for being aware of online notices and for accessing their courses as required.  

Most courses have the following features:

  • Bulletin board (used primarily for student-to-student discussion)
  • Email
  • Online chat
  • Instructor information
  • Course schedule
  • Term calendar
  • Assignments/learning activities
  • Online quizzes/tests
  • Online course notes
  • Companion site for text or CD
  • Online syllabus


WebCT @ Laurier

Laurier supports WebCT for the delivery of all online courses. The Chat Rooms and Whiteboard operate on non-standard ports (4445 and 4567). Users who are behind a firewall may not be able to access these tools. If these ports are not open, users should contact their network administrator to be given access.

The minimum requirements for your system is a 56k modem and a standard Internet browser that is Java enabled.

To find out if the browser you are using is validated for use in WebCT, click on the "Browser Tune-up" link from the WebCT login page www.wlu.ca/webct.

If your browser does not meet specifications, you will be prompted upon logging in to update your browser. A link to download a supported browser will appear.

Login guidelines, announcements and general information are available from the WebCT login page. Important information is also posted to the Announcements section of your MyWebCT page. You are responsible for being aware of this information.

Common WebCT Features

Bulletin Board: This function allows you to post and read messages that are shared by your instructor and fellow course participants.

Email: This function enables you to privately email anyone in your course, including your instructor.

Chat Room: This function allows you to "talk" (by typing your comments) with your instructor and/or other students in real time. The dates and times will be set by the instructor.

Companion Sites: Many publishers now provide websites that support course texts. These websites may include online quizzes, related links and/or summaries of text chapters.

Instructions on how to use these and other features are available from the "Student Resources" and "Instructor Resource" links on the WebCT login page.