Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2006/2007
Canadian Excellence

Curriculum Divisions

For the purposes of all general degree programs in the Faculty of Science and some honours programs, most courses are categorized in three divisions as follows.

A - HumanitiesB - Social SciencesC - Sciences
Arabic AB
Anthropology AN
Archaeology (except Div B AR courses)
Archaeology: AR101, AR102, AR218*, AR219*, AR220, AR245*, AR313, AR336, AR341, AR360, AR405, AR452*, AR453, AR460*
Biology BI
Classical Studies CL
Canadian Studies CA
Chemistry CH
Communication Studies: CS201, CS212, CS251, CS303, CS304, CS305, CS312, CS315, CS322, CS323, CS325, CS333, CS351Communication Studies: CS100, CS101, CS200, CS202, CS203, CS235, CS350Computer Science CP
Cultural Studies KS
Cultural Studies KS
GG101 and Physical Geography courses
English EN
Economics EC
Geology GL
Film Studies FS
Environmental Studies ES
Kinesiology & Physical Education: KP122, KP220, KP223, KP321, KP322, KP323, KP324, KP332, KP351, KP361, KP371, KP421, KP422, KP423, KP451, KP463, KP471
Fine Arts Non-Studio courses FI
Geography  GG (except Physical Geography)Mathematics MA
Hebrew HB
Global Studies GS
Physics PC
History & Philosophy of Science HP
History HI
Psychology: PS260, PS261, PS262, PS263, PS264, PS360, PS361, PS362, PS363, PS366, PS460, PS461, PS462, PS463, PS465
Kinesiology & Physical Education: KP216, KP241History & Philosophy of Science HP
Science: SC101, SC102, SC103, SC104 (not available for credit to BSc students)
Languages & Literatures  LL
Kinesiology & Physical Education: KP121, KP210, KP211, KP231, KP232, KP242, KP261, KP262, KP341, KP410, KP411, KP420, KP431, KP441
Medieval Studies ML
Political Science PO

Mediterranean Studies MI
Psychology (except Div C PS courses)
Music MU
Social Welfare SL

Near Eastern Studies NE
Sociology SY

Philosophy PY (PP)
Urban Studies US

Religion & Culture RE
Women's Studies WS

Women's Studies WS