Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2005/2006
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All fees are listed at the 2005-2006 rates. All fees stated are subject to Board of Governors' approval and may change without notice. FEES ARE CHARGED PER TERM unless otherwise indicated. Increases for fees set by the university will be effective fall term (September) each year.

TUITION (per term)

Tuition fees are charged at the per course rate with a maximum fee rate as listed below. Students are considered full-time once registered in the equivalent of 2.0 credits or higher Canadian Visa - General BA and BSc Visa - All Other Programs
Per 0.5 credit or equivalent $469.10 $956.70 $1,207.40
Per 1.0 credit course or equivalent $938.20 $1,913.40 $2,414.80
Audit course, per 1.0 credit course (see note iv) $469.10 $956.70 $1,207.40
Per 1.5 credits or equivalent $1,407.30 $2,870.10 $3,622.20
Tuition per term (2.0 credits or equivalent) $1,876.40 $3,826.80 $4,829.60
Maximum fee per term (2.25 credits or equivalent) $2,091.75 $4,305.15 $5,433.30
Maximum fee per term (2.5 credits or equivalent) $2,091.75 $4,783.50 $6,037.00
Maximum fee per term (2.75 credits or equivalent) $2,210.70 $5,261.85 $6,640.70
Maximum fee per term (3.0 credits or equivalent) $2,328.20 $5,740.20 $7,244.40
By Permission of the Dean Only (see Course Overload)

Maximum fee per term (3.25 credits or equivalent) $2,560.70 $6,218.55 $7,848.10
Maximum fee per term (3.5 credits or equivalent) $2,795.25 $6,696.90 $8,451.80
Maximum fee per term (3.75 credits or equivalent) $3,029.80 $7,175.25 $9,055.50
Maximum fee per term (4.0 credits or equivalent) $3,264.20 $7,653.60 $9,659.20
Incidental Fees

Compulsory for all full and part-time students, per 0.5 credit, per term
Per 0.5 credit
Maximum Fee Charged per term
Comprehensive Student Services (see note viii)$26.00$130.00
Students' Administration Council fee$6.93$27.72
Student Union Building fee (Waterloo Campus)$5.95$23.80
Brantford Student Centre fee (Brantford Campus)
Enhancement of Student Life Levy
Student Publication fee
Copyright Agreement fee (see note xi)
no maximum
Student Extended Health Plan (per year, charged in fall term only) (see note i)

Student Dental Plan (per year, charged in fall term only (see note i)



Full-time Incidental Fees (compulsory for all full-time students
Bus Pass - Waterloo Campus (per term)$40.00
Green Fee (Environmental Projects)$0.50


University Health Insurance for Foreign Students (compulsory, see note ix)
UHIP (fee rates for 12 months)
Three or more$1,584.00


Program Related Fees (per term)
Science and Technology Endowment Program (see note vii)
- Full-time, registered in the equivalent of 2.0 credits or more$50.00
- Part-time, registered in less than 2.0 credits$25.00
Arts Student Advancement Program (ASAP) (see note x)$15.00
SBE Computer Contribution (PRISM) (see note ii)$65.00
Laurier Brantford Journalism Guild fee - Brantford$37.50


Co-operative Education Administrative Fee
Business and Economics (per academic term, second and third year only)$468.20
Business and Computing double degree (per academic term, second and third year; one additional fee will be charged in the fourth year academic term which precedes the final work term. Students not pursuing a fourth work term may opt out and obtain a refund)$468.20
Business and Math (UW) Double Degree
- Year 2 (total fee for this academic year assessed in fall term)$936.40
- Year 3 and 4 (each academic term according to the work study sequence selected)$468.20
Arts and Science (per academic term, Year 2 and Year 3)$223.70
Professional Experience option adminstrative fee (total)$765.00
- Per academic term, Year 3 only
- Additional fee after probation (at work)
Bachelor of Music Therapy Practicum fee (per term)


Miscellaneous Fees
Registration fees (see note iii)
- As of discount period ends$49.00
- As of date term begins$69.00
- One week after term begins$90.00
- After the final day for adding courses (petition)$111.00
Part-Time (per 1.0 credit)
- As of late registration date$28.50
- After the final day for adding courses (petition)$62.20
Cancellation fee (if registration cancelled before term begins)
- Full-time$110.00
- Part-time$25.00
Deregistration Fee$28.00
Graduation Fee$20.00
Late Application for Graduation$51.00
Official Letters (Office of the Registrar)$11.00
Completion of Forms (Office of the Registrar)$6.00
Fax charges (maximum 3 pages)$6.00
Studio fees (per 1.0 credit course)$96.05
Replacement - OneCard$20.00
Duplicate tax receipts (per copy)$10.00
NSF Cheque fee (per occurance) (see note v)$18.00
Music Accompaniment fee (see note vi)varies
Audition fee for Faculty of Music$25.00


Examinations (payable at time of application; non refundable)
WLU administrative fee for writing at outside center$34.00
Special and deferred examinations, each paper$50.00
Validating examination$49.00


Official Transcript of Record - per copy$8.00
For each additional copy requested at the same time$6.00
Letters of Permission$54.00


Parking Permits (sold on a two-term basis - tax included)
Day Parking (expires April 30)$184.00
24 Hour Residence Parking (expires April 30)$184.00
King Street Residence (Garage) (expires April 30)$400.00
Motorcycle Parking$30.48


Residence Fees
Note: Every student in the dormitory-style residence is required to purchase an on-campus meal plan. Students applying for space in residence will be committed to a minimum of two consecutive academic terms. Fees are charged per term.
Residence - Dormitory Style (Waterloo)
- single room$1,984.50
- double room$1,943.00
- Willison single room$2,335.50
Residence  - Dormitory Style (Waterloo College Hall, Waterloo)
- single room$2,464.50
- double room$2,165.00
Residence - Dormitory Style (King Street Residence, Waterloo)
- single room$2,670.00
- double room$2,404.00
Residence Apartment Style (Bricker Residence, Waterloo)
- single room$2,511.50
Residence -  Apartment Style (Laurier Place, Waterloo)
- single room$2,330.50
- double room$2,212.50
Residence - Apartment Style (209  Regina Street, Waterloo)
- single room$2,226.50
- double room$2,050.00
Residence - Apartment Style (University Place, Waterloo)
- regular single room$2,050.00
- large single room$2,226.50
- double room$1,549.00
Residence - Apartment Style (Commercial Hotel, Brantford)
- single room$2,135.00
- double room$1,985.00
Residence - Apartment Style (Lawyer's Hall, Brantford)
- single room$2,250.00
Residence - Apartment Style (Grand River Hall, Brantford)
- single room$2,250.00
- double room$2,100.00
Residence - Apartment Style (Post House, Brantford)
- single room$2,250.00
Residence - Apartment Style (Rizzo Building, Brantford)
- single room$2,135.00
Meal Plans
Plan A$1,365.00
Plan B$1,480.50
Plan C$1,591.00
Plan D$2,100.00
Plan E$1,575.00
Plan F$1,050.00
Plan G$525.00
 Plan H$126.00
Residence Miscellaneous Fees, per term
Activity fee (compulsory)$11.00
Note: All residence fees include a $7.00 charge for mail delivery service
Spring term residence fees are charged on a weekly basis with a minimum charge of four weeks.

Lockers (through the WLU Student Union)
Half locker rental (two term)$20.00
Full locker rental (two term)$30.00


  1. The Student Health and Dental Plans are administered by the Student Union and are mandatory for all full-time and part-time undergraduate students enrolled in the fall term on campus, including co-op students on work term. An opt-out option is available to students who file the required form with proof of alternate coverage no later than the end of the second week of fall term. Further information is available by contacting the Health Plan Co-ordinator at Extension 3557 or www.wlusu.com
  2. PRISM: In 1990, full-time students in the School of Business & Economics approved a per term voluntary student contribution designed to increase the computer facilities for students in the School of Business & Economics. Accounts will be adjusted for students who do not wish to contribute and who file for an adjustment through the PRISM Help Desk, (room P1030, Peter's Building) BY THE END OF THE SECOND WEEK OF THE APPLICABLE TERM. THIS DEADLINE IS STRICTLY ADHERED TO.
  3. Additional registration fees are charged to those students who do not complete their registration by the date indicated (refer to Academic Dates chapter).
  4. Audit course tuition fees are usually half the regular course fee with a few exceptions which may be charged the full course fee. Fees are not refundable.
  5. Charges will be applied for all cheques returned to the university by the bank.
  6. Music Accompaniment Fees are charged per-course on a term basis. The amount charged is based on the type of accompaniment and the number of hours required for the course. Contact the Faculty of Music for further information regarding these fees.
  7. Science and Technology Endowment Program (STEP): In the spring of 1995, students in biology, chemistry, physics and computing, kinesiology & physical education, mathematics and psychology approved a voluntary student contribution program designed to enhance the educational experience and opportunities of students in these disciplines. The fee applies to students registered in BA and BSc programs in the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Computer Science, Kinesiology & Physical Education and Psychology. Accounts will be adjusted for students who do not wish to contribute and who file the required form (obtainable from their departmental office) by the end of the third week of the applicable term.
  8. The Comprehensive Student Services Fee is charged to full-time and part-time students at the rate of $26 per 0.5 credit, per term to a maximum of $130 for full-time students. This fee is part of a unique agreement, where students contribute 50 percent of the cost of Student Services on campus and in turn, receive 50 percent control in voting on all major items relating to it. The services covered by this fee include: the Office of the Dean of Students, Student Awards, Health, Counselling and Career Services, Athletics and Recreation (including a contribution to the major capital improvement to the Athletic Centre), International Student Advisor, Special Needs students, Chaplains, Discover Laurier and off-campus Housing, Housing, Food and Conference services are included in the agreement; however, the fee does not support these areas.
  9. UHIP is provided through the universities to all foreign students and their dependents. It is compulsory for all eligible participants and their dependents unless they have an approved waiver. UHIP is designed to pay the cost of the hospital and medical services, which may be needed and provides coverage comparable to that of OHIP. Details on eligibility are available in the UHIP brochure. If the student has not been billed for UHIP, notify the Business Office. If the student has been billed for UHIP, it is necessary to complete the required application form at the Business Office. Failure to comply with UHIP regulations could result in deregistration.
  10. Arts Students' Advancement Program (ASAP) This program was established in 2005 as a university and student-run service within the Faculty of Arts, with the objective of enhancing the educational experience and opportunities for students within the Arts faculty.
  11. Copyright Agreement fee is charged to full- and part-time students at the rate of $0.33 per 0.5 credit, per term. This fee is the result of an agreement between Wilfrid Laurier University and the Canadian Reprography Collective to grant Laurier the right to reproduce copyright works for the purpose of education, research and higher learning.