Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2005/2006
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Refund of Fees (subject to change)

Credit balances in student accounts, which result from adjustments and withdrawals during fall term, will be held for application towards the next term's fees, unless the student requests a refund cheque.

No refund cheques for adjustments and withdrawals will be issued until after the final day to add courses in a term.

Allow at least four weeks after withdrawal for processing of refunds. No refund of payments made by personal cheque will be issued for at least one month after deposit.

Refund cheques will not be processed for amounts of $3.00 or less.

Tuition/Incidental/Miscellaneous Fees

  1. Incidental and miscellaneous fees are not refundable after the final date to add courses each term.
  2. Any refunds for part-time students will be in accordance with the refund policy in the Part-Time, Distance and Continuing Education Calendar.
  3. Students dropping courses or withdrawing from Wilfrid Laurier University are required to complete the appropriate form from the Office of the Registrar. Non-payment of fees does not constitute a withdrawal. The effective dates for course drops or withdrawals from the university will be the date such information is reported, in writing to the Office of the Registrar. The portion of refund is determined by this date. There are no refunds for courses which are taken under the audit-course classification. Tuition fees are refunded on a term basis at the per-course rate in accordance with the preceding Cancellation/Drop/Withdrawal Schedule of Fee Charges.

Residence Fees

Refer to the Residential Services website at www.mylaurier.ca/residence.htm for details. Students shall be responsible for their room fees under the terms of the Residence Hall Agreement.

  1. No application for residence refund by full-time students will be considered after January 31 in the regular session.
  2. Refunds will be authorized only if an approved WLU student replacement fills the vacancy and assumes responsibility for the balance of the residence year. Adjustments to room charges will be calculated based on this replacement date. Contact the Residential Services Office for information regarding the amount of adjustment allowed.
  3. OneCard refunds are effective the date the meal card is submitted for cancellation. Adjustments will be calculated based on usage or a pro-rated fee charge, whichever is greater. Refunds for OneCard will first be applied to any outstanding fees owing to the university. Any remaining credit may be refunded.
  4. Students dismissed from residence for disciplinary reasons are obligated for residence fees for the full term unless, in the opinion of the dean of students, there are extenuating circumstances which would warrant a total or partial refund.
  5. Withdrawal due to marriage is acceptable if proof of marriage is provided and total residence and meal plan fees are paid.
  6. Withdrawal for medical reasons is acceptable when a medical statement is provided to the satisfaction of the Residential Services Department.