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University/College Combination Programs

College Transfer Credit Policies

Laurier Brantford provides Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology graduates with an opportunity to add to their occupational and professional education. For admission under transfer credit guidelines, students must achieve a minimum 75% overall average in one of the programs included in the policy. Students who fall under the transfer credit guidelines may apply to any Laurier Brantford honours program (except in some cases the Journalism program) but, depending on the transfer credits they receive, some programs are a better fit than others. For transfer credit details and notes, refer to:

Transfer Credit Policies

Conestoga College:
Students who complete Conestoga's Post Degree/Post Diploma Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management, and a previous diploma with a combined average in the two diplomas of 75% or better shall be eligible to enrol in the Honours Leadership program at Laurier Brantford. These students will receive 5.0 senior credits for their Post-Degree/Post-Diploma Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management consisting of 4.0 senior OL credits including OL212, OL250, OL260, OL311; 2.0 senior miscellaneous credits in Leadership; 1.0 miscellaneous senior credit  and the requirement to complete an online course will be waived. Up to an additional 5.0 credits at the junior or senior levels may be awarded depending on the student's initial diploma. The specific credits that comprise the additional credits for the initial diploma shall be determined by the registrar of Wilfrid Laurier University, in consultation with representatives of the Leadership program.

Conversely, Conestoga College agrees that students enrolled in the Honours Leadership (OL) program who have successfully completed the required 100-level and 200-level courses in Leadership with at least a 5.0 GPA in these courses shall be eligible to enrol in the post-degree/post-diploma Human Resource Management program through Conestoga College. Upon successful completion of the program with an average of 70% or better, the student will receive transfer credit as outlined above.

Students who complete Conestoga's three-year Print and Broadcast Journalism program with a B+ (75%) average will be granted admission into the Contemporary Studies BA program and advanced standing. Students admitted under this agreement will receive 7.0 transfer credits, including credit for CT222/JN222/MX222 and CT226/JN226/MX226 (or equivalent), and other courses as appropriate. No more than 3.0 credits will be granted at the senior level. These students are not eligible to register in, or graduate from Laurier Brantford's Journalism program.

Students who complete Conestoga's two-year General Arts and Science program with a B+ (75%) average will be granted admission into the Contemporary Studies BA program and one year advanced standing (i.e., 5.0 credits). Students admitted under this agreement will receive 5.0 junior credits.

Program Specific Articulation Agreements

On the basis of articulation agreements with Conestoga College, students can combine their study at Laurier Brantford with diploma and certificate programs available at Conestoga College. For more information on these combined programs, refer to:

The Conestoga College components of these programs are the responsibility of the college and are governed by their rules and regulations. For more information on these programs, consult Conestoga's calendar.

Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Revision April 15, 2014: OL212 renumbered from OL312; effective September 1, 2014.