Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2005/2006
Canadian Excellence

Brantford Campus

Campus Location: Carnegie Building, 73 George Street, Brantford, Ontario N3T 2Y3
Website: www.wlu.ca/brantford
Brantford Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Telephone: (519) 756-8228
Fax: (519) 759-2127
Email: wlubrantford@wlu.ca

Acting Dean, Brantford Campus: Bruce Arai, PhD, ext. 5700, barai@wlu.ca
Acting Associate Dean: Gary Warrick, PhD, Ext. 5722 gwarrick@wlu.ca
Director, Concurrent Education/Teacher Certification: Sandra Reid, EdD, ext. 5711, sandrar@nipissingu.ca
Prospective Students: Kevin Klein, BA, ext. 5777, kklein@wlu.ca
Academic Counselling: Heather Bouillon, ext. 5720, hbouillon@wlu.ca
Academic Information: Sara Neziol, BA, ext. 5790 sneziol@wlu.ca
Disabilities Consultant/Learning Strategist: Deirdre Boyle, ext. 5759, dboyle @wlu.ca
Counsellor and Learning Consultant: Annette Poechman, ext. 5736, apoechman@wlu.ca
Director, Student Services: Ingrid Hanrath, ext. 5735 ihanrath@wlu.ca
Residence Life Co-ordinator: Dave Prang, ext. 5715 dprang@wlu.ca 

NOTE: An official means of communication is the student's Laurier email address.

  • BA (Honours) - Honours Bachelor of Arts
  • BA - General BA without Designation
  • CombBA (Honours) - Honours Combination or Joint (BA)
  • Op - Option
  • Mj - Major
  • Mi - Minor
Children's Education and Development Op
Concurrent BA/BEd BA (Honours) | BA
Contemporary Studies BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | BA | Mj
Criminology BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Mi
Human Rights and Human Diversity Mi
Indigenous Studies Mi
Journalism BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Mi
Organizational Leadership BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Mi