Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2005/2006
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Regulations Governing All Minors

A minor consists of a minimum of 3.0 credits and allows a student to complete a secondary area of concentration in a subject (e.g., statistics, financial mathematics, philosophy) different from their general major and/or honours discipline(s). The requirements for specific minors are listed within the Faculty of Science - Departments section.


  1. The minimum requirement for the minor consists of 3.0 credits, no fewer than 2.0 of which shall be senior credits and no fewer than 2.0 of which shall be obtained at Wilfrid Laurier University. Students may not hold a minor in a field in which they have a major.
  2. A minimum cumulative GPA of 4.50 is required on all courses of the minor subject(s).
  3. Requirements for specific minors are included in the program descriptions that follow.
  4. A minor is not available to students in the General BA or BSc program without a major.