Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2013/2014
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Undergraduate Academic Calendar 2013/2014

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University/College Articulation Agreements

Conestoga College: Biotechnology Technician Diploma

Students who complete Conestoga's Biotechnology Technician Diploma with an average of 75% or better shall be eligible to enrol in the Honours BA Biology program. Those students applying for BSc Biology, BSc Biochemistry/Biotechnology or BSc Chemistry must have also achieved a minimum of 60% in MHF4U before they apply. 

As part of this agreement students will receive advanced standing credit from Laurier for: BI110, BI236, BI276;  0.5 unspecified junior ‘Division A’ credit; and 1.5 unspecified junior ‘Division C’ credits. In addition, students may receive credit equivalent to the following Laurier courses provided they have a minimum 75% grade in each of the Conestoga courses listed in parentheses: CH110 (must have both CHEM 1000 and BIOT 1055); CH202 (for either BIOT 1080 or BIOT 1085); and 0.5 senior MA credit (must have both MATH 1760 and BIOT 2030) which may be used in lieu of MA240 or MA241 where required by the specific Laurier degree program. However, at most 5.0 transfer credits will be allowed in total, although the Faculty of Science reserves the right to revise specific course equivalencies should program requirements or course offerings change at either institution.

Note:  BI111 and CH111, which are prerequisites for all senior courses in their respective disciplines, are only taught in the Winter term. Students are strongly advised to consult with the undergraduate advisor in the academic department offering their specific program (Biology for the BA or BSc Biology programs; Chemistry for Chemistry or Biochemistry/Biotechnology BSc programs) prior to registering for Laurier courses to ensure optimum use of their transfer credit.

Conestoga College: Three Year Software Engineering Technology Diploma

Students who have successfully completed Conestoga's 3 year Software Engineering Technology Diploma with 75% average or better will be eligible for admission into the Honours BSc Computer Science program at the Laurier Waterloo Campus.

These students who have completed the 3 year Software Engineering Technology Diploma with 75% average or better will be admitted to the BSc Computer Science program. Laurier will specify what courses must be completed rather than specifying transfer credits.

Students complete 2.5 years at Laurier, during which time they must complete 25 half credit courses.

Conestoga College: Post Degree/Post Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management and a previous Diploma

Students who complete Conestoga's Post Degree/Post Diploma Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management, and a previous diploma with a combined average in the two diplomas of 75% or better shall be eligible to enrol in the Honours Leadership program at Laurier Brantford. These students will receive 5.0 senior credits for their Post-Degree/Post-Diploma Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management consisting of 4.0 senior OL credits including OL250, OL260, OL311 and OL312; 2.0 senior miscellaneous credits in Leadership; 1.0 miscellaneous senior credit  and the requirement to complete an online course will be waived. Up to an additional 5.0 credits at the junior or senior levels may be awarded depending on the student's initial diploma. The specific credits that comprise the additional credits for the initial diploma shall be determined by the registrar of Wilfrid Laurier University, in consultation with representatives of the Leadership program.

Conversely, Conestoga College agrees that students enrolled in the Honours Leadership (OL) program who have successfully completed the required 100-level and 200-level courses in Leadership with at least a 5.0 GPA in these courses shall be eligible to enrol in the post-degree/post-diploma Human Resource Management program through Conestoga College. Upon successful completion of the program with an average of 70% or better, the student will receive transfer credit as outlined above.