Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2013/2014
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OSAP Students

Students who are awaiting OSAP are required to pay all fees not being redirected to the university by the due date of each term. For those who have indicated the option to send their funding directly to the school on their OSAP application, the payment must include any difference that is not covered by OSAP.

Please note that Provincial and “Ontario Tuition” grant funding cannot  be redirected to the school.

Late payment fees* will be assessed on all student accounts, including those awaiting OSAP. 
To be eligible for late payment fee* reversal, OSAP students must have the following steps completed:

1. Submit online OSAP application and all required supporting documentation to the Student Awards Office by the following dates:

Fall Term: August 2, 2013
Winter Term: January 10, 2014
Spring Term: May 9, 2014

2. Opt to have OSAP funds directed to the school on the OSAP application.

3. Be fully registered for the term for which you are expecting to receive OSAP funding a minimum of 10 days prior to the start of the academic term.

4.  Any balances exceeding the amount of OSAP received (the difference not covered by OSAP) must be paid in full by the invoice due date.

If applicable, confirmed students will receive their funding electronically to the bank account specified on their Master Student Financial Aid Agreement (MSFAA), or, to their student account if directed) beginning the first week of classes. 

ATTENTION: Students, if you have opted out of having your fees automatically sent to Laurier, you will be required to pay any outstanding term fees by the due date specified on the invoice.  If you do not meet the due date, you will also be responsible for late fees* applied to your account.  Opting out of having your fees sent directly to your WLU student account may also affect your registration if fees are not paid by the final de-registration due date.

To reverse the OSAP “opt-out” decision, email studentawards@wlu.ca from your “mylaurier” email account. 
Please note that deadline dates will apply.  Students should check the Student Awards web site (www.wlu.ca/studentawards) for specific details pertaining to this process.

* Late payment fees are calculated at 1.25% on any balances remaining immediately after the due date.