Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2013/2014
Canadian Excellence

The Senate (as of January 2013)

Chair - Max Blouw, President and Vice-Chancellor
Vice-Chair - Eugene Zima
Secretary - Rudy Eikelboom

Ex-officio Members
President and Vice-Chancellor - Max Blouw
Chancellor - Michael Lee-Chin
Chair of the Board of Governors - Jamie Martin
Vice-President: Academic & Provost - Deborah MacLatchy
Vice-President: Research - Abby Goodrum
Vice-President: Finance and Administration - Jim Butler
Vice-President: Development & Alumni Relations: Robert Donelson
Principal-Dean, Waterloo Lutheran Seminary - David Pfrimmer
Associate Vice-President: Teaching & Learning: Patricia Rogers
Vice-President: Student Affairs - David McMurray
Dean, Faculty of Arts - Michael Carroll
Dean, Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies - Joan Norris
Dean, Faculty of Education - Dawn Buzza (Acting)
Dean, Faculty of Music - Glen Carruthers
Dean, Faculty of Science - Paul Jessop
Dean, School of Business & Economics - Micheál Kelly
Dean, Faculty of Social Work - Nick Coady 
Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts - John McCutcheon (Acting)
Dean, Faculty of Human & Social Sciences - Bruce Arai
University Librarian - Gohar Ashoughian
Registrar - Ray Darling

Faculty Elected by University Faculty Members (number of represenatives)

Faculty of Arts (11)
Karljurgen Feuerherm
Markus Poetzsch
Ashwani Peetush
Mary-Louise Byrne
Marta Marín-Dòmine
Janet McLellan
Patricia Goff
Ali Zaidi
Jeffrey Aguinaldo
Jonathan Finn
David Monod

School of Business & Economics (8)

Mary Kelly
Sapna Isotupa
Steffen Ziss
Peter Carayannopoulos
Chet Robie
Christine Neill
Ruth Cruickshank
Kim Morouney

Faculty of Education (2)

Julie Mueller
Steve Sider

Faculty of Human & Social Sciences (2)

Stacey Hannem
Lauren Eisler

Faculty of Liberal Arts (2)

Kim Anderson
Brenda Murphy

Faculty of Music (2)

Carolyn Arnason
Anna Ferenc

Faculty of Science (7)

Masoud Jelokhani-Niaraki
Eugene Zima
Scott Ramsay
Pamela Bryden
Peter Tiidus
Marc Kilgour
Rudy Eikelboom

Faculty of Social Work (2)

Gary Cameron
Magnus Mfoafo M'Carthy

Elected by the Academic Librarians
Matthew Thomas

Appointed by the Board of Governors
Scott Lyons
Mike Alkier
Ross Wells

Appointed by Alumni Association
Ashley Cameron
Megan Harris
David Oates

Secondary School Representatives
Sherri Vansickle

Faculty from Waterloo Lutheran Seminary
Timothy Hegedus
Mary (Joy) Philip

Elected by Administrative Staff
Marilyn Watson

Elected by Undergraduate Students
Jazz Clement
Luke Dotto
Chris Walker
Elias Ahonen
Tim Craven (Br)
Frank Cirinna
Seth Warren

Elected by Graduate Students
Alishav Diebold