Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2005/2006
Canadian Excellence

Curriculum Divisions

For the purpose of the Faculty of Arts - General BSc Physical Geography program and some honours programs (e.g., Geography), most courses in the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science are categorized in three divisions as follows. An asterisk following a course number denotes a credit (1.0) course.

A - HumanitiesB - Social SciencesC - Sciences
ArabicAnthropologyAS105* (not available for credit to BSc students)
ArchaeologyCanadian StudiesBiology
Classical StudiesCommunication Studies: CS100, CS101, CS200, CS202, CS203, CS235, CS350Chemistry
Communication Studies: CS201, CS212, CS251, CS303, CS304, CS305, CS312, CS315, CS322, CS323, CS325, CS333, CS351Cultural StudiesComputer Science
Cultural StudiesEconomicsGG101 and Physical Geography courses
EnglishEnvironmental StudiesGeology
Film StudiesGeography (except Physical Geography)Kinesiology & Physical Education: KP122, KP220, KP223, KP321, KP322, KP323, KP324, KP332, KP351, KP361, KP371, KP421, KP422, KP423, KP451, KP463, KP471
Fine Arts Non-Studio coursesGlobal StudiesMathematics
History and Philosophy of ScienceHistory and Philosophy of SciencePsychology: PS260, PS261, PS262, PS263, PS264, PS360, PS361, PS362, PS363, PS366, PS460, PS461, PS462, PS463, PS465
Kinesiology & Physical Education: KP216, KP241Kinesiology and Physical Education: KP121, KP210, KP211, KP231, KP232, KP242, KP261, KP262, KP341, KP410, KP411, KP420, KP431, KP441Science: SC101, SC102, SC103, SC104 (not available for credit to BSc students)
Languages & LiteraturesPolitical Science
Medieval StudiesPsychology (except Div C psychology courses)
Mediterranean Studies
MusicSocial Welfare
Near Eastern StudiesSociology
PhilosophyUrban Studies
Religion and CultureWomen's Studies
Women's Studies