Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2012/2013
Canadian Excellence

Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management (SHERM) Department

Director, Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management: Stephanie Kibbee, skibbee@wlu.ca, ext. 2874
Safety Cell Phone: (519) 212-3310  skibbee@wlu.ca

Other Contacts:

Waterloo: WSIB/Safety Programs Officer: Donna Kubica, dkubica@wlu.ca, ext. 2875
Office Location: 232 King St. N. Main Floor

Brantford: EOHS Advisor: Jessica Berrigan, jberrigan@wlu.ca, ext. 5469
Office Location: SC Johnson, SCJ116

Website: www.wlu.ca/sherm

Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management (SHERM) is mandated to support the university's strategic goals, innovation and excellence. This is achieved by integrating health, safety and environment into the university's culture and by guiding the community in achieving due diligence.

The team's role is to:

1. Develop, promote and implement best practices in loss prevention, mitigation and operational risk management.

2. Manage the university's overall health and safety program with the goal of preventing occupational injuries and illness and provide a safe and healthy work and educational environment for all of its employees, students and visitors.

3. Develop and implement programs and procedures to meet all of the requirements, duties, and standards set by the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Regulations for Industrial Establishments, and the Environmental Protection Act. A complete listing of all international, federal, provincial, municipal legislation and CSA Standards applicable to Laurier is available for further information.