Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2012/2013
Canadian Excellence


University Librarian and Archivist: Gohar Ashoughian, MLS
Associate University Librarian (Teaching and Learning): Joanne Oud, BA, MA, MLIS
Associate University Librarian (Information Technologies, Public Relations): Greg Sennema, BCS, MIS, MBA
Access Services Head: Vera Fesnak, BA, MLS
Archives and Special Collections Head:  Julia Hendry, BA, MA, MLIS
Cataloguing Head: Matt Tales, BA, MLIS
Collection Development and Acquisitions Head:  Charlotte Innerd, BA, MA, MLIS
Collections and Acquisitions (eResources): Matthew Thomas, BA, MLIS
Library Information Systems (Cultural Analysis and Social Theory and Women & Gender Studies):  Joanne Oud, BA, MA, MLIS
Reference Services Head and Reference Librarian (Geography and Environmental Studies, Philosophy): Peter Genzinger, BES, MA, MLIS
Reference Librarian (Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, English & Film Studies, English-Brantford, Journalism-Brantford):  Deborah Wills, BA, MA, MLA
Reference Librarian (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Health Sciences, Kinesiology, Mathematics, Physics):  Debbie Chaves, BSc, MSc, PhD, MLIS
Reference Librarian (Business and Economics): Afra Bolefski, BA, MLIS
Reference Librarian (Business and Economics): Eun-ha Hong, BA (on leave)
Reference Librarian (Faculty of Education, Global Studies):  Anne Kelly, BA, MLIS
Reference Librarian (Government Documents, Global Governance, International Public Policy, Political Science):  Helene LeBlanc, BA, MLIS (On Professional Leave Feb 2012 to Feb 2013)
Reference Librarian (Faculty of Social Work, Psychology, Sociology): Gina Matesic, BA, MA, MEd, MLIS
Reference Librarian (Information and Systems Technology): Dillon Moore, BA, MLIS
Reference Librarian (Medieval Studies, Music, Religion & Culture and Seminary):  Diane Peters, BA, BMus, MA, MLS
Reference Librarian (Anthropology, Archaeology, Canadian Studies, Classics, History, North American Studies, Criminology-Brantford, History-Brantford, Human Rights-Brantford, Law and Society-Brantford):  Michael Skelton, BA, MA, MLS
Brantford Campus Reference Librarians:
Pauline Dewan (Laurier/Nipissing Brantford, Modern Languages Health Studies-Brantford, Health Administration-Brantford, Youth and Children's Studies-Brantford), BA, MA, PhD, MLIS
Irene Tencinger (Contemporary Studies-Brantford, Leadership-Brantford), BA, MLIS
Kitchener Campus Reference Librarian:
Gina Matesic (Faculty of Social Work), BA, MA, MLIS