Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2012/2013
Canadian Excellence

Full-time Faculty Waterloo Lutheran Seminary

Principal-Dean: Pfrimmer, David G., BA, MDiv, MA (WLU), DMin (Princeton Theological Seminary); Theology, History and Ethics (2005)

Balmer, Brice, BA (Bluffton College), MDiv (Methodist Theological School), MA (Waterloo), DMin (University of St. Michael's College); Spiritual Care and Counselling

Hegedus, Timothy M. J., BA (Victoria), MDiv (Lutheran Theological Seminary, Saskatoon), MA (WLU), PhD (Toronto); Bible (1998) 

Jorgenson, Allen, BSc (Alberta), MDiv, STM (LTS Saskatoon), PhD (University of St. Michael's College); Theology, History and Ethics (2005); Assistant Dean

Kelly, Robert A., BA (Pepperdine), MDiv (Concordia, Springfield), PhD (Fuller); Theology, History and Ethics (1986)

Lund, Kristine A., BSc (Calgary), MDiv (LTS Saskatoon), PhD (Alberta); Spiritual Care and Counselling; Assistant Principal (2005)

O'Connor, Thomas St. J., BA (Toronto), BTh (St. Paul), MTh (WLU), ThD (St. Michael's College); Theology, History and Ethics (1999)