Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2012/2013
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Undergraduate Academic Calendar 2012/2013

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Adding or Withdrawing from Courses

A course must be added no later than 12 calendar days from the beginning of term lectures. This regulation applies to spring term, fall, winter, and 1.0-credit courses taken over the September to April academic year. Consult the Academic Dates  for the corresponding dates for six-week courses.

The final dates for withdrawing from courses without penalty of failure are:

Fall term course two-thirds of course
Winter term course two-thirds of course
1.0-credit course two-thirds of course
Eight-week course two-thirds of course
Six-week course two-thirds of course
Intersession, Summer session courses two-thirds of course
Spring term course two-thirds of course

Consult the Academic Dates for actual dates for withdrawal from courses without penalty of failure. A grade of "F'' will be assigned if a student withdraws after the final date. If the normal deadline date falls on a Friday, the actual deadline will become the following business day.


  1. The onus for notifying the Office of the Registrar of withdrawal via LORIS or by completing a Program/Course Change Request form rests solely upon the student. Simply ceasing to attend lectures, even if the instructor is informed, does not formally constitute withdrawal and will result in a failing grade and financial penalties.
  2. A change from registration for credit to audit must be made no later than the final date for withdrawing without failure.