Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2011/2012
Canadian Excellence

May Professional Learning Camp

The second Professional Learning Camp will occur during the final week of the program after the TECs have completed all required course work and field placements. This final Professional Learning Camp is designed to provide a forum for TECs to share and reflect on their professional year, to set personal professional goals, and to work with faculty and peers to develop knowledge and skills required for success in achieving a teaching position.

TECs present their Professional Teaching Portfolio for faculty and peers in a celebration of learning. As part of this sharing, TECs are encouraged to reflect on their learning through self and peer assessment activities. They participate in goal setting activities focussed on fostering a commitment to ongoing professional learning as articulated in the Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession. As well, the findings and applications associated with the inquiry practised by the PDS staff, TECs and the faculty will occur on the Knowledge Sharing Day during the second Professional Learning Camp. Through these processes, the TECs prepare for the employment interview process with a particular focus on how their Professional Learning Portfolio can support that process.