Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2010/2011
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Undergraduate Academic Calendar 2010/2011

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Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies

Director: Professor Terry Copp, 519-884-0710, ext. 3309
Website: www.wlu.ca/~wwwmsds/

The Laurier Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies (LCMSDS) was founded in 1991 to foster research, teaching and public discussion of military and strategic issues of national and international significance. The research activities of the centre are multidisciplinary, with concentrations in military history and in the strategic analysis of defence operations, including peacekeeping and arms control. The strategy component emphasizes the use of formal methods to analyze strategic problems and find practical solutions. The history component focuses on the armed forces of Canada and the conflicts in which they have been engaged. The LCMSDS supports, as well, classroom teaching and other educational activities in several departments, including history, mathematics and political science.