Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2010/2011
Canadian Excellence

Teaching Support Services

Director, Teaching Support Services: Sandra Hughes, BA, MA, shughes@wlu.ca, ext. 4104
Manager, Educational Development: Jeanette McDonald, BASc, MSc, jmcdonald@wlu.ca, ext. 3211
Manager, Centre for Online Learning: Lisa Fanjoy, BA, lfanjoy@wlu.ca, ext. 4106
Manager, Media Technology Resources: John Durst, BA, jdurst@wlu.ca, ext. 3075
Manager, Educational Technology:  Mary Scott, BA, BEd, mscott@wlu.ca, ext. 4722
Educational Technologies Administrator: Paul Kleinschmidt, BA, BEd, pkleinschmidt@wlu.ca, ext. 3531
Marketing and Communications: Rebecca Kieswetter, BA, BEd, rkieswetter@wlu.ca, ext. 3507
Office Location: Room 293, Second Floor, 202 Regina Street North
Media Technology Resources Office Location: Room 303, Third Floor, Bricker Academic Building
Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (OC wickets open 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)
Email: conted@wlu.ca, edev@wlu.ca, pts@wlu.ca and onlinelearning@wlu.ca

Teaching Support Services (TSS) is comprised of a number of distinct departments with interconnected and varying responsibilities. These departments include,

Educational Development (ED)
Educational Development is committed to promoting a culture of teaching and learning, and providing development opportunities. Working with faculty, teaching assistants, administrators and others, ED staff profile and support innovation and excellence in teaching and learning at all levels of the University.

Educational Technologies
Educational Technologies provides support and guidance to Laurier faculty who wish to use technology in their teaching. Supported systems include MyLearningSpace, Turnitin and iClicker.

Centre for Online Learning (OC)
The Centre for Online Learning is involved with the development and delivery of online learning course offerings and programs.

Media Technology Resources (MTR)
Media Technology Resources provides support to enhance the teaching and learning process by offering a variety of educational media resources and professional assistance to university faculty, students and staff. 

Continuing Studies (CE)
Working with Laurier faculty, Continuing Studies develops and offers not-for-degree-credit programs and course offerings that align with the expertise of Laurier's faculties. CE also manages and administers the national Stock Market Competitions

Part-time Studies (PTS)
Part-time Studies provides support to part-time, adult students completing programs at Laurier.