Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2010/2011
Canadian Excellence

Physical Resources

Assistant Vice-President, Physical Resources:  Gary Nower, gnower@wlu.ca, ext. 6210
Manager, Facilities Operations: John Campbell, jcampbell@wlu.ca, ext. 6283
Manager, Grounds and Custodial Services: Heather Matlashewski, hmatlashewski@wlu.ca, ext. 4403
Manager, Planning, Design and Construction: Mark Dettweiler, mdettweiler@wlu.ca, ext. 6310
Manager, Business Operations: Ray Robichaud, rrobichaud@wlu.ca, ext. 2619
Sustainability Co-ordinator: TBA, ext. 4280
Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. After hours and holidays, contact Special Constable Services at (519) 885-3333 or ext. 3333
Office Locations:
Administration, Business Operations, Planning, Design and Construction, and Sustainability Office: Room 101, 202 Regina Street N.,
Facilities Operations and Grounds and Custodial Services: 81 Lodge Street
Website: www.wlu.ca/pr

Physical Resources aspires to be an innovative leader in sustainable campus planning, design and facilities management. We work closely with students, faculty, staff, alumni and the wider community to provide a welcoming and healthy environment. The Physical Resources department consists of five groups.

Business Operations manages programs such as Energy Management and Deferred Maintenance, develops Capital Plans, establishes bulk utility contracts, initiates continuous improvement programs such as Quality Assurance for the department.

Facilities Operations manages the iServiceDesk, issues keys and ensures the optimal operation and maintenance of the systems that keep Laurier's buildings functioning, including heating and cooling, plumbing, electrical and life safety.

Grounds and Custodial Services maintains Laurier's grounds and buildings, including landscaping, recycling and waste removal, set up and special events, moving services and general cleaning with environmentally preferred products.

Planning, Design and Construction manages the planning, design and construction of Laurier's physical assets, supporting and enhancing the student, academic, research and administrative environs of Laurier.

Sustainability Office assesses and develops sustainability practices including transportation, waste, energy, water, construction, procurement, food, conservation and academics, and ensures that these practices are integrated into all areas of the university.