Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2010/2011
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Undergraduate Academic Calendar 2010/2011

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Tuition, Incidental and Program Related Fees - Faculty of Education - Visa Students

Tuition Fee(per term)

Entering Fall 2010 (per term)

Per 0.5 credit


Per 2.5 credits


Computer purchase fee $690.00

Incidental Fees, Compulsory for all full-time students, charged per term

Per 0.5 credit

Maximum Fee Charged per  term

Comprehensive Student Services (see note viii) $30.75
Students' Administration Council fee $7.63
Student Union Building fee
Enhancement of Student Life Levy
Student Publication Fee
Laurier Student Public Interest Research Group (see note xiii)

Copyright Agreement fee, per .5 credit (see note xi)

no maximum

Student Extended Health Plan (per year, charged in fall term only) (see note i)

Student Dental Plan (per year, charged in fall term only (see note i)

Bus Pass - Waterloo Campus (per term)
Pool Improvement Fee (see note xv)
Sustainability Fee (see note xvi)
University Health Insurance for Foreign Students (compulsory, see note ix) UHIP (fee rates for 12 months)

Single (member)
Member plus one dependant
Member plus two or more dependants

See Related Notes for details and explanation of fees.