Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2009/2010
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Admissions Information

Website: www.wlu.ca/education

General Admission Requirements

Admission into the Faculty of Education is based 50 percent on academic achievement and 50 percent on information submitted in the Experience Profile. Select applicants will be contacted to attend an interview which will determine final admission status.

Enrolment in the Faculty of Education is limited and fulfillment of the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission into the program. Mature students must meet the same requirements as all other candidates. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Applicants who have listed more than one program choice on their application must list their choices in the order in which they would like to be considered. Applicants who have applied for more than one program only need to send one copy of their required documents.

Admission Requirements

  1. Admission Average
    A minimum academic average of 70% (B-) on the most recently completed 10 full or 20 half-credit undergraduate university courses is required. Only undergraduate university courses completed by November 28, 2008 will be counted in the admission average. College transfer credits will not be counted. Preference will be given to students who have completed, or who are completing a four-year degree with a minimum of 20 full credits. Applicants presenting a three-year degree will still be considered for admission into their program of choice. Applicants who have completed, or who will complete a masters degree by July 31, 2009 will receive additional admission points. Applicants who present an applied degree will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Official university transcripts ordered through OUAC or issued from an accredited university must be sent directly to Wilfrid Laurier University no later than November 28, 2008.

    Applicants who have attended universities on a Letter of Permission or international exchange must provide an official transcript from the international institution(s) attended. These applicants should also send specific course descriptions or an academic calendar from the institution(s) attended to Wilfrid Laurier University no later than November 28, 2008.

    Do not send transcripts for secondary school, community college, or CEGEP. They will not be evaluated.

  2. Experience Profile
    Applicants must submit a completed Experience Profile, to be received by Wilfrid Laurier University by November 28, 2008. The Experience Profile form can be downloaded from either the OUAC or Wilfrid Laurier University websites. Experience profiles will be reviewed only if a student meets minimum academic requirements. The Experience Profile form is an integral part of admission to the Wilfrid Laurier program and will count for 50 percent of the admission evaluation. Letters of reference are not required and will not be evaluated. Faxed copies will not be accepted.
  3. Equity Admissions
    Wilfrid Laurier University values diversity and encourages applications from qualified candidates who self-identify as members of Aboriginal/First Nations groups, racial minorities and/or differently-abled groups. A select number of places will be reserved in our education program for qualified individuals from these groups. Further information and equity admission forms are available on our website. Equity admission forms must be sent directly to Wilfrid Laurier University no later than November 28, 2008.
  4. English Language Proficiency
    All applicants whose first language is not English (learned and spoken in the home) are required to submit official English language test results obtained within the last two years from either IELTS or TOEFL. Studying in an English-language school system does not exempt applicants from this requirement. Photocopies will not be accepted. Official English language test scores must be received by Wilfrid Laurier no later than November 28, 2008.

    IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
    Minimum score of 7 overall with at least 6.5 in reading and listening, and scores of at least 7 in both writing and speaking.

    TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) 
    a) Computer based test: Minimum overall score of 250, with scores of at least 5.5 in the test of written English (TWE), 24 in listening and 24 in reading.
    b) Paper-based test: Minimum overall score of 600 with scores of at least 5.5 on the TWE, 58 in listening and 58 in reading.
    c) Internet-based test: Minimum overall score of 103, with scores of at least 28 in writing, 23 in listening, 24 in reading and 28 in speaking.

    Wilfrid Laurier University reserves the right to request an English language proficiency test result from any applicant. Students, who, after admission, show an inadequate command of spoken or written English may be required to withdraw from the program.
  5. Applicants with International Transcripts/Degrees
    Applicants educated outside of North America who have obtained a degree from a foreign country must have all official transcripts translated (as applicable) and evaluated by World Education Services (WES). Applicants are responsible for the costs associated with the course-by-course evaluation and any translation required. Notarized transcripts will not be accepted, nor will transcripts submitted directly to Wilfrid Laurier University. It is the applicant’s responsibility to send an official paper copy of their WES evaluation to Wilfrid Laurier University no later than November 28, 2008. Please note that it can take upwards of six weeks for WES to receive official transcripts from a foreign academic institution after which point, the WES evaluation can take a week or longer to complete.  Applicants should begin the evaluation process as early as possible to ensure that Wilfrid Laurier University receives a WES evaluation no later than November 28, 2008. Late documents will not be accepted. More information about WES and international documentation can be obtained on our website.
  6. Residency Requirements
    Non-Canadian citizens are required to submit a photocopy of their current record of landing or permanent residency status to Wilfrid Laurier University no later than November 28, 2008.
  7. Interviews
    Applicants selected for an interview will be contacted by telephone or email in early February 2009. Interviews will take place at Wilfrid Laurier University in late February 2009.

Program Specific Admission Requirements

Preference will be given to students who have successfully completed a half-credit undergraduate university course in one or more of the following subject areas: English, French, math, and/or science. Applicants who do not have credits in the designated subject areas will still be considered for admission into the program.

Students may only apply to one teachable subject.

Teaching Subjects:

French as a Second Language
Health and Physical Education
Music – Instrumental
Science – General

Applicants must have at least three full credits or six half-credit undergraduate university courses, with an average of 70% or “B-”, in their chosen teaching subject. At least one full or two half-credit courses must be at the second-year level or above. All courses to be counted toward the teachable subject must be submitted with a final mark no later than November 28, 2008. If an applicant presents more than the required number of courses for the subject area, the subject-specific average will be calculated using the highest grades.

In order to ensure adequate preparation in subjects taught at the junior/intermediate level, preference will be given to applicants who have one or more half-credit undergraduate university courses in three of the following five subjects: math, science, English, geography/history (Canadian geography/history recommended), or fine arts including: music, visual arts, dance or drama.

Junior/intermediate applicants will be scheduled to practice teach in grades 4-8; placements in grades 9 or 10 will be made only under special circumstances.

Additional entry requirements for specific subject areas:
English: Within the three full credits, at least two half-credit courses must be in English literature or poetry. University essay courses, and courses in English culture, and writing for business and science, do not satisfy credit requirements for English.
French as a Second Language: Five full credits are required. Note that this is an additional two full credits or four half-credits more than the general teachable requirement at the junior/intermediate level. Applicants will be required to demonstrate oral and written fluency.
Geography: Within the three full credits, at least one half-credit course in Canadian geography must be included.
Health and Physical Education: Within the three full credits, at least two half-credit activity courses must be included.
History: Within the three full credits, at least one half-credit course in Canadian history must be included.
Mathematics: At least one full senior math credit, second-year level or above, must be included. Mathematics courses equivalent to a secondary school math credit will not be counted.
Music - Instrumental: At least three full credits in instrumental music, including both performance and theory must be included. Consideration will be given to equivalent field experience and/or related postsecondary education.
Science (General): Must include one half-credit in at least three of the following: biology, biochemistry, chemistry, earth and space science, environmental science, zoology and physics.