Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2009/2010
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Co-operative Education Administrative Fees

Co-operative Education Administrative Fee
Business and Economics (per academic term, second and third year only) $568.85
Business and Computing double degree (per academic term, second and third year; one additional fee will be charged in the fourth year academic term which precedes the final work term. Students not pursuing a fourth work term may opt out and obtain a refund) $568.85
Business and Math (UW) Double Degree
- Year 2 (total fee for this academic year assessed in fall term) $1,137.70
- Year 3 and 4 (each academic term according to the work study sequence selected) $568.85
Arts and Science (per academic term, Year 2 and Year 3) $271.80
Professional Experience option adminstrative fee (total) $929.35
- Per academic term, Year 3 only
- Additional fee after probation (at work)