Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2009/2010
Canadian Excellence

Curriculum Divisions

For the purpose of the Faculty of Arts - honours Geography and Environmental Studies programs, most courses in the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science are categorized in three divisions as follows.

A - HumanitiesB - Social SciencesC - Sciences
Arabic AB
Anthropology AN
Astronomy AS
Archaeology AR (except Div B AR courses)
Archaeology: AR101, AR102, AR217, AR219*, AR220, AR244, AR246, AR313, AR336, AR341, AR360, AR405, AR452*, AR453, AR461, AR462
Biology BI
Classical Studies CL

Chemistry CH
Communication Studies CS
Communication Studies  CS
Computer Science CP
Contemporary Studies CT121, CT202, CT203, CT220, CT226, CT253, CT260, CT321, CT325, CT326Contemporary Studies CT (except Division A CT courses)
Geography GG [GG101 and courses denoted as Physical Geography] 
Cultural Studies KS
Cultural Studies KSGeology GL
English EN
Economics ECHealth Sciences
Film Studies FS
Environmental Studies ESHealth Studies HS101

Geography GG (except Physical Geography)
Kinesiology & Physical Education: KP122, KP201, KP220, KP223, KP321, KP322, KP323, KP324, KP332, KP351, KP361, KP371, KP421, KP422, KP423, KP424, KP434, KP451, KP461, KP463, KP464, KP465, KP471
History & Philosophy of Science HPGlobal Studies GSMathematics MA
Kinesiology & Physical Education: KP216, KP241History HIPhysics PC
Languages & Literatures (LL, FR, GM, GR, IT, LA, SP)
History & Philosophy of Science HPPsychology: PS260, PS261, PS262, PS263, PS264, PS360, PS361, PS362, PS363, PS366, PS460, PS461, PS462, PS463, PS465
Medieval Studies MLKinesiology & Physical Education: KP121, KP200, KP210, KP211, KP231, KP232, KP242, KP261, KP262, KP341, KP410, KP411, KP412, KP413, KP420, KP431, KP441, KP442, KP443, KP462
Mediterranean Studies MINorth American Studies NO
Music MUPolitical Science PO
Near Eastern Studies NEPsychology PS (except Div C PS courses)
Philosophy PPSocial Welfare SL
Religion & Culture RESociology SY
Women's Studies WSUrban Studies US

Women's Studies WS

Senate/Editorial Changes

Editorial Revisions April 14, 2009: AR218* replaced by AR217; AR245* replaced with AR244 and AR246; AR460* replaced with AR461 and AR462; KP courses added to Division B and C; effective Sept 1, 2009.