Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2008/2009
Canadian Excellence

Laurier Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience

Director: Todd Ferretti, PhD, tferretti@wlu.ca, ext. 2986
Website: http://www.wlu.ca/homepage.php?grp_id=2233

In the 1960's Cognitive Psychology emerged as one of the most dynamic and fruitful areas of research in the behavioural sciences. Important models of memory, language, and perception, to name but a few, were developed over the next 30 years. Although this work provided many important insights about the behavioural and computational processes underlying perception and cognition no account was made about how these processes were actually instantiated in the brain. To gain a complete understanding of how "people think" one needs to understand the brain processes that are ultimately responsible for the various processes identified by Cognitive Psychology.