Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2008/2009
Canadian Excellence

The University Library

University Librarian and Archivist: Sharon Brown, BA, MA, MLS, ext. 3380
Reference Librarian (Cultural Analysis and Social Theory, Government Documents): Hélène LeBlanc, BA, MLIS, ext. 3743
Reference Librarian (Faculty of Social Work and Sociology): Gina Matesic, BA, MA, MLIS, ext. 5257
Reference Librarian (Arabic, Archaeology, Classics, French, German, Italian, Middle East/Mediterranean Studies, Philosophy and Spanish): John McCallum, BA, MA, MLS, ext. 3951
Reference Librarian (Fine Arts, Medieval Studies, Music, Religion & Culture and Seminary): Diane Peters, BA, BMus, MA, MLS, ARCT, ext. 3419
Reference Librarian (Geography and Global Studies): Peter Genzinger, BES, MA, MLIS, ext. 3912
Head, Reference Services and Reference Librarian (Communication Studies, English & Film Studies, English-Brantford, Journalism-Brantford): Deborah Wills, BA, MA, MLA, ext. 3384
Reference Services (Anthropology, History, Kinesiology, North American Studies, Physical Education, Criminology-Brantford, History-Brantford): Michael Skelton, BA, MA, MLS, ext. 3955
Reference Librarian (Business and Economics): Eun-Ha Hong, BA, MLIS, ext. 3574 On Sabbatical January-December 2008
Reference Librarian (Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics and Psychology): Debbie Chaves, BSc, MSc, PhD, MLIS, ext. 3417
Archives and Special Collections Librarian: Joan Mitchell, BA, BLS, ext. 3825
Brantford Reference Librarian (Contemporary Studies-Brantford, Leadership-Brantford): Anne Kelly, MA, MLIS, LPC, (519) 756-2220, ext. 350
Head, Access Services: Vera Fesnak, BA, MLS, ext. 3413
Head,  Collection Development and Acquisitions (Biology, Global Governance, Health Studies-Brantford): Carol Stephenson, BSc, MLIS, ext. 2073
Head, Cataloguing: Brooke Skelton, BA, MLS, ext. 3460
Cataloguer: Matt Tales, BA, MLIS, ext. 3839
Electronic Services Librarian: Greg Sennema, BCS, MA Information Studies, ext. 2812
Reference Librarian (Education and Political Science): Linda Cracknell, BA, MA, MLIS, ext. 3303 On Sabbatical January-December 2008
Instructional Technology Librarian (Cultural Studies and Women's Studies): Joanne Oud, BA, MA, MLIS, ext. 2293
Library Information Technology Manager: Don Hamilton, BMath (Comp. Science), MMath, ext. 3336
Hours: For a complete list of hours, access the Library's website at library.wlu.ca/hours
Website: library.wlu.ca
TriUniversity Group (TUG) Website: tug.lib.uwaterloo.ca/index.html

The Wilfrid Laurier University library is a wireless facility that offers students an Information Commons for group or individual work, using library PC's or your own laptop.  The library holds approximately 1,638,000 books and journals in print or microform, and provides access to over 12,000 electronic reference tools and full text articles  library.wlu.ca/articles. The entire print collection is open for users to browse with the exception of Archives and Special Collections, the Music Ensemble Collection and Reserve Materials. Public computer workstations offer access to electronic resources from within the library. Remote access is available through the library's web page library.wlu.ca/how.htm.  Because the library is a part of the TriUniversity Group of Libraries (University of Waterloo, University of Guelph, Wilfrid Laurier University), members of the Laurier community have access to a combined information collection in excess of 6,000,000 print items (see TRELLIS, trellis2.tug-libraries.on.ca, the combined online catalogue). Twice daily document delivery throughout the TUG system brings books and journals to any of the three libraries.

Library access and services for Laurier Brantford students are provided by the Wilfrid Laurier University Library and the Tri-University Group of libraries through the Brantford Public Library (BPL). Students may borrow materials from BPL holdings, from the Laurier Brantford collection located at the BPL or from the circulating collections at Laurier, University of Guelph or University of Waterloo libraries. Items from these libraries may be borrowed via the BPL. The TUG system (TRELLIS) sends material to any TUG library (including BPL) at the request of the student. Materials can be returned to the BPL.

The Social Work Library is located in the Faculty of Social Work building on the Kitchener campus. It's print and media collectiion is supplimented by both the main library and TUG holdings with daily delivery of requested items through the TRELLIS catalogue.  

Library procedures and regulations are outlined on the library's website. Official messages and notifications from the Library are sent by default to your Laurier email account (e.g. smit9999@wlu.ca). You may contact the library via letter, fax, email, telephone or in person. All students and faculty with a Laurier OneCard, have in-person reciprocal borrowing privileges at all Canadian University libraries (except undergraduates at the University of Toronto), and access to interlibrary loan services with some restrictions for undergraduates. Electronic communication facilities link Laurier with university libraries throughout the world.