Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2007/2008
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Credit Weight

The credit weight is the relative value assigned to the course. A 1.0-credit course carries twice the weight of a 0.5-credit course and normally consists of three contact hours per week over an eight-month period (September April). A credit denotes a 1.0-credit (or full-credit) course with 1.0 indicated in the course description. A 0.5-credit course carries twice the weight of a 0.25-credit course and is normally conducted over a four-month period. A half-credit course is indicated with the 0.5 weight in the course description, and a quarter-credit course as 0.25 in the description and is normally taught over a six-week period. However, courses may be taught over varying periods of time than these listed. In the program descriptions, the following symbols are used following the course number:

Credit WeightSymbol
One and a half credits (1.5)
One credit (1.0)*
Quarter-credit (0.25)





(0.5 credits do not have a symbol appended.)

 Half (0.5-credit) courses are indicated simply by the course number consisting of the discipline code and a three-digit number. This system of notation represents a change from that used in all calendars prior to the 1993-1994 version, in which the symbol * was used to identify 0.5-credit courses.