Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2007/2008
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Laurier's Brantford campus offers a unique core curriculum in contemporary studies that can be combined with many other programs. All full-time students on the Brantford Campus are required to complete a minimum of 5.0 credits in contemporary studies (4.0 of these at the senior level).

The Honours BA Contemporary Studies program is a four-year, 20.0-credit program that allows for advanced and in depth interdisciplinary study. The General BA Contemporary Studies program is a three-year, 15.0-credit program that is designed to promote a broad understanding of the skills and knowledge needed to understand contemporary issues and concerns.

The Brantford Campus has developed a broad, comprehensive Honours BA Criminology program, which will suit students who wish to use criminology as a basis for a variety of different career paths. Especially as students combine criminology with the contemporary studies program, they will emerge with solid critical thinking, communication and writing skills, and with significant credentials for advanced careers in criminology in Canada and beyond.

The Honours BA Journalism program at Laurier Brantford is designed for students who seek employment as journalists in mass media, or who wish to pursue journalism as general education, and for those who wish to use studies in journalism as a preparation for other careers (in public relations, writing, web management, etc.) and/or education. Journalism at Laurier, which is also combined with contemporary studies, will emphasize its natural ties to a liberal arts education.

The Honours BA Leadership program, combined with contemporary studies focuses on the interdisciplinary problems facing our leaders and our organizations. It explores, from a liberal arts perspective, a range of historical and emerging contemporary resources relevant to these challenges. Graduates will find themselves well equipped to understand organizations and leadership, and well prepared for leadership positions in a wide range of organizations.

Laurier Brantford's Honours BA in Health Studies, combined with contemporary studies is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of health care that takes account of the social and organizational impacts on health and well being. This program covers a wide range of topics within the field of health and gives students the opportunity to focus on one of three areas: health policy and analysis, gerontology or community health care. Graduates of the health studies program will have a sound knowledge of the Ontario and Canadian health care systems. 

A concurrent BA/BEd degree is offered on the Brantford Campus, through a partnership with Nipissing University's Faculty of Education. In five years, students can complete the requirements for both a Laurier honours BA in contemporary studies and a Nipissing BEd. The BEd provides students with the necessary requirements for teacher certification. The program is intended for graduating high school students.

The Brantford Children's Education and Development Option, combined with Honours Contemporary Studies, is a program designed for students who wish to apply to teacher's college, complete a masters of social work, or move on to employment working with or on behalf of children, after completing their BA. The program is open to high school applicants and mature and transfer students.

Laurier Brantford's Indigenous Studies Option, combined with Contemporary Studies, includes a series of courses to provide students with an understanding of contemporary issues as they relate to indigenous people. Employing a holistic approach, this option fosters a greater understanding of indigenous people, their history and their place in the world. Students in this program develop the skills needed to work with or in the indigenous community.

Brantford's core program can also be combined with an option in Indigenous studies and/or a minor in criminology, human rights and human diversity, journalism, organizational leadership and indigenous studies, and with arts and science honours combination programs, minors and options. Some of these programs are only available at the Brantford Campus.

Brantford students may pursue other programs by taking advantage of articulation agreements, which allow students to combine their studies with college programs available at Mohawk College and Conestoga College. (Refer to Admission to Laurier Brantford.)