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Office of the Ombudsperson

Ombudsperson: Dennis Willfang,  ombuds@wlu.ca, ext. 3637
Voice Mail: (519) 884-0710, ext. 3637
Fax Messages: internal 5007, external 519-746-2472
Office Location:  P2084, Peter's Bldg.
Office Hours: The Office of the Ombudsperson does not have regular business hours, therefore it is recommended that all initial contact should be either through voice mail or email. Only the ombudsperson has access to these recording services and all of the messages will be answered by the ombudsperson within 24 hours of receiving them. Individuals may also contact the ombudsperson through the Laurier website.
Website:  www.wlu.ca/homepage.php?grp_id=948

** All information the Ombudsperson receives will be treated as personal and confidential.**

The following are excerpts from the terms of reference for the ombudsperson at Wilfrid Laurier University. A copy of the complete Terms of Reference for the Office of the Ombudsperson may be obtained from the office.

Consulting the ombudsperson is not a substitute for first seeking help or information through normal channels.

The services of the ombudsperson will be available to the staff, faculty and students at Wilfrid Laurier University. The ombudsperson is responsible for the development, recommendation and implementation of appropriate procedures to protect those who use the services of the Office of the Ombudsperson. These procedures are to include those relevant to university matters (except those under the mandate of the Harassment/Discrimination Office and the Employment Equity Office).

The ombudsperson will maintain the independence, objectivity and neutrality of the office at all times in order to adequately investigate, or facilitate the investigation of, any complaint, inquiry or grievance of an individual which may arise against the university or anyone in the university exercising authority, or to provide information regarding complaints and suggestions about rights and responsibilities at this university. The ombudsperson may also, using discretion, initiate inquiries.

The ombudsperson will bring findings and recommendations to the attention of the president by the most expeditious means possible, and to the university community at large to the extent that is appropriate. In particular, the ombudsperson shall identify and investigate any gaps and inadequacies in existing university procedures and policies that might jeopardize the rights of members of the Laurier community.

The ombudsperson has no power to order changes in rules, regulations, policies or procedures. The ombudsperson has the power to investigate and to recommend.