Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Calendar - 2013/2014
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Master of Arts in Community Music

The Master of Arts in Community Music is designed for community music leaders who are or plan to be engaged in creating and/or making music in schools, places of worship, ensembles, community centres, private studios, seniors’ residences, and elsewhere. Those who are currently in music careers will find this program tailored to the deepening of their skills and interests through scholarship and applied experience. Those completing undergraduate programs will find this to be a natural progression that builds on the foundational experiences and developing musicianship acquired in their undergraduate years of study.The balance of theoretical and applied study creates a unique program of study. Offered as part time studies, the program is designed with flexibility in both sequence of courses and duration of program. The program has a typical duration of 6 terms. Students will be encouraged to take a course in another Laurier graduate program to fulfill their elective requirement.

Additional Information
Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the MA program in community, students must satisfy the general admission requirements of the university, and have a four year honours degree, or equivalent, from a recognized institution. Individuals who do not possess an honours degree may inquire about establishing eligibility. The admission policy for the program recognizes a diverse range of musical practices as eligible experience to qualify for admission.

Applicants should have a minimum B (or better than 73%) average in the final two years of full-time undergraduate study to be considered for the program. Applications from a diverse range of disciplines are welcome, and a foundation of musical training and experience is required for admissibility to this program. The program welcomes without bias, a wide variety of experiences in a wide variety of musical genres. Students are expected to submit a statement of research interests outlining the relationship between the graduate degree and the applicant’s professional goals. A CV including a statement of musical background, including formal and informal study, and related career experience is required. Applications must be accompanied by official transcripts and be supported by at least two letters of recommendation from faculty members or individuals who are qualified to assess the applicant’s potential for graduate training. Applications are reviewed by the Graduate Admissions Committee, which considers all prior university grades, a statement of research interests, a writing sample, and letters of reference. An interview to determine suitability for the program may be required.

Proficiency in written and spoken English is essential to pursue graduate studies at Wilfrid Laurier University. Applicants whose first language is not English and who have not completed an undergraduate or graduate degree at an institution where English is the language of instruction are required to provide evidence of proficiency in English.

Program Requirements

The MA program in community music is normally completed in six consecutive terms of part-time registration. Students must develop their programs in consultation with the graduate coordinator. In addition to the 4 required community music courses, a research methods course and MU698 - Applied Community Service and Research Project, students must complete 1 half-credit elective. Elective courses will be chosen from an area relevant to the candidate’s research, subject to approval by the graduate coordinator, and may be chosen from a wide range of cognate disciplines available in the Faculties of Music, Education, Arts, or from the Waterloo Lutheran Seminary.

Research Methods

With the approval of the graduate student coordinator, students must take a research methods course appropriate to their program. Either quantitative or qualitative methods are acceptable, but must be directly relevant to the student’s research agenda. Normally this course is taken within the first two semesters of registration.

A range of graduate research courses are offered in various graduate programs at Laurier. Students should select a course that provides pertinent methodology to the type of investigation they plan to undertake. Consultation with the Graduate Coordinator is advised to assist in the Research Methods course selection.

Graduation Requirements

Master's students must attain a minimum B- in each course, as per university policy outlined in the Calendar. Upon completion of the required course credits described above, and acceptance of the research paper and public demonstration, candidates shall be granted the Master of Arts in Community Music.