Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Calendar - 2013/2014
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Master of Science in Mathematics

The main objectives of MSc in Mathematics include developing the theory of modern applicable mathematics, and training in application of the theory to problems from science and finance. The core subject matter of the MSc in Mathematics is the advanced mathematics that plays a crucial role in modern approaches to the modelling, analysis, resolution, and generalization of financial and scientific problems.

Additional Information
Admission Requirements

To be admitted, a student must meet the general admission requirements of the University, and must have an honours degree in Mathematics or a closely related area that includes courses in advanced calculus, basic probability and statistics, linear algebra, and abstract algebra. A final year average of at least B+ is usually required, along with a cumulative average of at least B+ in all mathematics and statistics courses. Students with minor background deficiencies will be required to include specific undergraduate courses in their programs. At the discretion of the Graduate Officer, up to two such courses may be required in addition to normal requirements. Such students may require longer than normal to complete the program. A student whose background contains major deficiencies may be required to complete appropriate senior undergraduate courses in order to qualify for the Master's program. Normally minimum B+ standing is required in these courses.

Program Requirements

The MSc Mathematics program is normally completed in three consecutive terms, beginning in the Fall. Full-time students must complete the program within two years of initial registration. To count a course or the Seminar toward the Master's degree, a student must obtain a grade of at least B-.

The MSc program is offered in two options: thesis option and project option. All students must complete MA680 - Seminar in Mathematical Modelling in Finance and Science. For each option, students must complete in addition:

  • Thesis option: MA699 - Master's Thesis plus 1.5 approved courses.
  • Project option: MA695 - Major Project plus 2.5 approved courses.

Not more than one third the number of courses required in either option of the master's program may be at the 500 level.

Students must develop their programs in consultation with the department; each student's program must be approved by the department in all cases.

The MSc may also be completed through part-time studies.