Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2011/2012
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Bachelor of Music Therapy

The Honours Bachelor of Music Therapy is a four-year degree program. It prepares students for professional work in music therapy. The program consists of 20.0 credits, of which at least 10.0 must be in Music, 4.0 must be Psychology courses, and 5.0 must be in music therapy. Graduates of the program are expected to complete an internship of at least six months following receipt of the degree.

Additional Information
Program Regulations

  1. Students intending to complete the BMusTh program must normally be registered full-time throughout; in special instances, part-time study may be allowed.

  2. Students in this program will be registered for the first two years in the Honours BMus program. Progression from Year 1 to Year 2 will be governed by the BMus regulations. Admission to Year 3, when the specific music therapy program begins, will be limited and admission decisions will be based on the following:
    1. Overall achievement in Music with a minimum cumulative GPA of 7.00, a minimum cumulative GPA of 5.00 in Psychology courses, and a minimum overall GPA of 6.00 is required.
    2. An individual interview that will assess students' musical skills through:
      1. performance of a song (own choice), singing and accompanying themselves on piano or guitar;
      2. improvisation on their major instrument (piano or guitar may also be used).
    3. An individual interview that will:
      1. assess students' understanding of the potential for music therapy practice through their responses to interview questions;
      2. assess students' appropriateness for interpersonal interactions through their responses to interview questions;
      3. assess students' documented experience with persons with special needs.

    Note: Students who successfully meet the requirements listed in 2(a) and 2(b) are not guaranteed admission into Year 3 of the undergraduate music therapy program. Students begin working with clients in Year 3 of the music therapy program. The Faculty of Music takes seriously its responsibility for the well-being and safety of these clients. The suitability of a student for interpersonal interactions with clients is an important factor in the faculty's decision to approve a student for Year 3 of the music therapy program. Thus, the recommendation of the music therapy faculty, based on the interview in 2(c), may override successful completion of the requirements in 2(a) and 2(b). 

  3. For progression to Year 4 and for graduation, a minimum cumulative GPA of 7.00 in all Music courses, a minimum cumulative GPA of 5.00 is required in all Psychology courses, and a minimum overall GPA of 6.00 is required. 

    Normally, if a student receives a grade of 'unsatisfactory' in any Year 3 or Year 4 practicum, the student will not be permitted to continue in the program. If, at the advice of the music therapy faculty, a student in this situation is allowed to continue in the program, the student must complete an extra practicum with a grade of 'Satisfactory'.

  4. Non-music minor: students may, in consultation with the department concerned, elect to organize their non-music electives to meet the requirements for a minor. Psychology courses required in the music therapy program may be counted towards the minor in psychology. (Refer to regulations governing Minors in the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Science chapter.

  5. For students with prior university education, admission will be based on transcripts, an audition and an interview; the number of transfer credits will be determined by the faculty. A minimum of 10.0 credits must be completed at Wilfrid Laurier University.

  6. Failure to obtain the required standards in any year of the program will necessitate withdrawal from the program.

Program Requirements

Music credits required: MU190A*, MU290A*; MU396, MU496; if MU390A* is elected instead of MU396, MU490A* instead of MU496, the additional 0.5 credit counts as a Music elective; MU100, MU136°, MU137°, MU161, MU162, MU181, MU236°, MU237°, MU266, MU268, MU281, MU270 and MU271; MU251L or a 0.5 Music credit if the principal instrument is guitar, including the study of a second instrument or voice (MU251M and MU296P are particularly recommended).

Music Therapy credits required: MU258, MU352, MU354, MU362, MU363, MU364, MU453, MU454, MU455A°, MU455B°, MU455C°, MU455D°, MU464.

Psychology credits required: PS100* (or PS101 and PS102), PS275, PS276 or PS277, PS280, PS381, and 1.0 elective credit chosen from PS262, PS264, PS271, PS272, PS282, PS287, PS379, PS480. Other elective courses may be approved by the dean.

1.0 Music or non-music elective credits.


Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Revision March 3, 2011: Deletion of MU171 and addition of MU100 for all music programs; effective September 1, 2011.
Senate Revisions April 25, 2011: PS288 deleted; effective September 1, 2011.