Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2011/2012
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Media Studies Option

The Media Studies Option is only available at the Brantford Campus.

The option consists of a minimum of 4.0 credits. Students must complete the 1.0 credit of Core courses (MX201 and MX202), 1.5 credits within Media and Journalism (including JN101 and JN201), 1.0 credit within Media and Cultural Critique and 0.5 credit from Additional courses.
For graduation, students must have a minimum GPA of 6.00 computed on all 4.0 credits in the option.

Core Courses: 1.0 credit
MX201 - Media and Modernity
MX202 - Reading Media

Media and Journalism Courses: 1.5 credits:
JN101/MX101 - Reporting and Writing I
JN201 - Reporting and Writing II

And 0.5 credits chosen from the following:
JN250 - Technical Skills: Print Journalism
JN251 - Technical Skills: Broadcast Journalism
JN252 - Technical Skills: New Media Journalism

Media and Cultural Critique Courses: 1.0 credit chosen from the following:
CO326/CT326 - Children, Toys and Media
CT226/JN226/MX226 - The Media in a Global World
CT298 - Print Culture
CT460 - Popular Film and Contemporary Culture: The Blockbuster

Additional Courses: 0.5 credit from:
CC311/MX311 - Crime, Media and the Law
CS207 - Media and Society
CS251 - Introduction to Visual Culture
CS325 - Digital Media and Culture
CS341 - Critical Advertising Studies
EN204 - Strategies in Analysis of Effective Writing
EN306 - Rhetoric in Literary and Non-Literary Texts
FS345 - Film Theory and Mass Media
HR212/JN212 - Journalism and Social Change
JN207/MX207 - Journalism and Democracy
JN229/MX229 - Journalism, the Internet and Emerging Media
JN327/MX327 - Social Documentary
JN340 - Magazine Writing
KS205 - Cartoons and Comics
MX380 - Directed Studies in Media
RE220 - Religion and Popular Culture

Additional Information

  1. Students should be aware that some of these courses have prerequisites and may be offered only at the Waterloo Campus. Although prerequisites may be waived by the department administering the course, it is the responsibility of the student to make such arrangements.
  2. No more than 1.0 irregular credit may be counted toward a general degree (only students admitted prior to Sept 1, 2007), and no more than 3.0 toward an honours degree.
  3. The Brantford Campus offers only two general degrees: a BA without a designation, and a BA in Contemporary Studies. No further designation (major, option or minor) is awarded with these degrees.
    Students admitted prior to September 2007, who have not allowed an 18-month lapse in course registration and are in good standing in their program/major, may follow the progression regulations that were in effect at the time of their registration in a general major. These students can combine General Contemporary Studies with the Media Studies Option.