Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2011/2012
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Honours BSc Physics

The aim of the program is to provide a broad foundation in physics with specific emphasis on electronics, photonics, and solid state physics. The Honours BSc Physics program consists of 20.0 credits, of which no more than 7.0 credits may be at the 100 level. The program must include at least 9.0 and no more than 11.0 senior Physics credits. The electives must include at least 3.0 senior credits in Physics, at least 1.0 of which must be at the 400 level.

Additional Information
Schedule and Required Courses

The following schedule incorporates all program requirements.

Honours BSc Physics
 Year of Program
Fall Term Winter Term
1 CP104
MA110* (or MA103), MA122
0.5 elective credit
MA110*, MA121
PC120, PC132
(0.5 elective credit if MA103 taken)
2 CH110
MA201, MA205
PC200°, PC212
PC221, PC235, PC237, PC242
3 PC300°, PC321
1.5 elective credits
PC331, PC360, PC454
1.0 elective credit
4 PC315
2.0 elective credits
2.5 elective credits


For progression into the next year, and for graduation, the requirement will be a minimum cumulative GPA of 4.00 calculated on the Physics courses and a minimum overall GPA of 4.00.